Musakaan 6th August 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 6th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 6th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bunty saying if Sir ji doesn’t get fine, we will come on roads. Bua gets Sir ji’s message. She says he called us to the hotel. Lovely gets the message and says dad called us for a meet at the hotel. Tabassum and Tara also get the message. Tabassum says why did he call us there. Gayatri makes Sir ji sit. Sir ji says that man is my look alike, he wanted to kill me, trust me. Gayatri says calm down, don’t pressurize your mind. Ronak comes and asks how are you, sorry to disturb, the client wants the contract if the new construction project, I need your signs. He keeps the phone on the bench. He says its done. Sir ji says my son is managing my work. Ronak says I will go, take care.

Ronak gets the make up done. He wears Sir ji’s mask. He leaves. Sir ji says Muskaan, you

always back stab, you want to ruin me, its all happening because of you, I know that lookalike wants to kill me. Gayatri says calm down. Muskaan says its true that I want to ruin you, but its against my ethics to strike you in this state, I m not involved in this. Ronak as Sir ji meets Bua at the hotel. She asks what happened. He says we can’t talk at home, my health is getting worse, I want to fix everything in my house, I want you to ask your right in the party in front of everyone, ask my property. She asks what. He asks don’t you have a right, I will name entire property to Bunty, you are my blood.
She says yes, Ronak is born in a brothel, he doesn’t deserve your property, I thought you forgot Bunty and me. She gets happy. He asks her to meet him in the party. He goes back and gets the touch up. He meets Lovely and Dipendar. He says I wanted to put some responsibility on you, I always treated Dipendar as my son, I believed you, I want to give the responsibility of house management to you both. Dipendar asks are you fine. Ronak says you are like my son, Lovely always supported me. Roak covers the make up, and says just ask for your right in the party, I will name everything to you, you have all the rights. Lovely smiles. Ronak asks them to go now. Dipendar says don’t worry, we will manage. Lovely hugs him and says I love you dad. Ronak says me too. They leave.

Ronak runs to the room and asks for the make up artist. He doesn’t see him and calls him. He thinks I have less time. He goes back and sees Tabassum and Tara. He hides the make up peel off. He asks them to just hear him out. He says Tabassum, I want to name this brothel to you. She asks what. He says don’t know how long I live, come in the party, I want to make an announcement in the party. She asks really. He says none can change my decision. Tara asks him to see her once. He says later, I have much work. Tara says I will see you once. He asks Tabassum to stop her. He says I m in pain and she wants to see me, take her. Tabassum asks Tara not to anger him, else they will lose the property. They go. The make up artist comes and says your make up is coming out, I went to have tea. Ronak says I got saved, come fast.

Gayatri and Muskaan get Sir ji home. Bua asks him to sit. Lovely says I will get fresh juice. Bua goes to get juice. Lovely goes to get warm water. Sir ji sees Dipendar and asks why are you smiling, go to your room. Ronak goes to inspector and says please come to my house in the evening. He gives a paper. Inspector gets shocked. Sir ji folds hands and says please come.

The guests come in the party. Ronak says we all have family and friends here, we should play music. Ronak sings Gallan Goodiyaan… He dances with Muskaan. Everyone dances. Sir ji smiles. Everyone claps. Sir ji says I m feeling like my family is mine, I m so happy today, what shall I say. Bua says your happiness matters the most to us, we do as you say, so according to your saying, Bunty and I want to ask for our share in your property. Everyone gets shocked. Sir ji asks what. Bua says yes, it will happen as you said, Bunty and I are ready to manage your entire property. Lovely asks why, dad will name it to us. Bua asks why, you got married, my brother is letting you stay here with your husband. Lovely says you are a guest here, this house isn’t your Maayka or Sasural. Dolly says Lovely is right. Bua says this is my brother’s house, will they give entire property to Ronak, he is not even own blood.

Police comes. Inspector says we have come to arrest Sir ji. Muskaan smiles.

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