Musakaan 6th September 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 6th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 6th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ronak removing the locket. He says I can’t wear this, I will keep it in pocket. Chamki says I just came to take water. Amma asks her to come. Kuldeep stops Inder. He asks why didn’t you tell me, you are going to fix the fan. Inder says Muskaan isn’t your and Lakhan’s responsibility, just I have right to go to her room. Kuldeep says I will come with you. Ronak says when everyone sleeps, we will run away, if its morning, we can’t run, you will be free, mum is coming to take us with Kolkata police, Hanumant will take us to her, we have to leave in darkness. Muskaan asks really, will we get free and unite. He nods. She says I have to tell Chamki. He asks do you trust her. She says I can’t tell her everything, it will be a problem if they force her to say, I will tell about

my plan. Ronak says fine, we have to leave at night and can’t wait till morning. She says okay and hugs him.
Amma says I m going to see the girls. Inder says we are going to same place. Amma scolds them. She goes to Muskaan’s room. She hears Hukum shouting and stops. She thinks why did he come at this time. Ronak says Hukum’s voice. Hukum shouts …Maalik. Everyone comes in the hall. Maalik asks why did you come here with my village people. Hukum says I have brought your village problem here, I m your relative. Maalik asks what’s the problem.

The man says Muskaan didn’t get punished, you should beat her. Ronak asks what’s the problem. Hukum says shut up, you don’t need to talk between us. Maalik stops Ronak. The man ask Maalik to do something. Hukum says this spark can burn my village also. The women come there and make Muskaan wear garlands. They praise Muskaan for winning the wrestling match. They cry. Ronak nods to Muskaan. They call Muskaan as Mata’s Blessing. They ask her to never leave the village, she has taught them meaning of life, women can do anything if they get determined. They lift their ghunghats. Hukum and Maalik get shocked. The women salute Muskaan. Ronak and Muskaan smile. Maalik scolds Muskaan.

Hukum says I told you about this rebellion. Maalik says the men forgot to keep their women in control, what to say about you, my dad got your mum here, you shouldn’t talk about betterment. Hukum asks the men to manage their men. The man scold his wife. Ronak gets angry. Hukum says you forgot to control Muskaan, I will show you how to do this. He signs the men. He says now the women will get freedom forever. The man gets kerosene. The women cry. Muskaan stops the man.

Hukum asks what are you doing. Muskaan pours kerosene on Hukum, Inder and Kuldeep. They shout on her. She asks them not to dare come ahead, else she will burn them alive. Inder says don’t do this. Maalik looks on. He asks the men to go home and manage their women, he will decide Muskaan’s punishment. The women shout to Muskaan and ask her to save them. All the people leave. Hukum also leaves.

Muskaan cries. Ronak asks Chamki to take Muskaan upstairs. Amma curses Muskaan. Chamki gets Muskaan to room. She asks will our state also become like these women, will we get helpless, my dad lied to me and gave me to Maalik, maybe this is my fate. Muskaan says no, your fate doesn’t have this hell. Chamki says I feel scared, promise me, you won’t leave me alone here. Muskaan says promise I won’t leave you alone. She thinks to tell her plan to Chamki. Amma comes. She asks Chamki to come, let Muskaan stay here. Chamki shouts. Amma locks Muskaan. Muskaan thinks how shall I take Chamki with me. Ronak asks did you do all preparations. Hanumant says yes, just get Muskaan on time. Ronak says I will come there with Muskaan on right time. Maalik asks where will you reach. Ronak gets shocked.

Muskaan cuts the window rods. Maalik comes there. Muskaan gets shocked.

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