Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th February 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dev taking water bucket to his room from Servant quarters. Satyavati asks what is he doing? Dev says water has fallen down and wipes the floor with cloth. Priya asks why he is bringing water from there. Seema says Vidhi Didi might want it. Mausi ji says he don’t take glass of water with his hand, today he is bringing bucket for his wife. Satyavati asks what is wrong in this and goes. Dev brings water bucket and asks her to take bath. Vidhi thinks she shall get adjust to him. Later Dev and Vidhi come to Hariprasad’s house. Bimla does their aarti and says God shall keep you both happy always. Dev gives them gifts. Urmila gets happy. They sit to have food. Seema says today let Mami ji take care of her Damad ji. Vidhi notices Divya and Dev doing the same thing while having food. She asks Dev if there was classes in your college, of how to eat food as you and Divya are doing same. Dev asks really, strange. Vidhi asks Dev, if Divya can work in is office. Dev asks Divya to talk to him directly. He asks her to come and meet Abhi as he is recruiting the new employees. He says he can’t guarantee her. Divya tells that she will handle, and says she has far related to Vidhi, may be she will get closely related to him. She says jiju and saali. They laugh. He tells Divya that when he had started, he was like her.

Bimla gives shagun to Dev and Vidhi. Dev says it is ok, but dowry is remaining. Bimla says dowry. Divya says I read about dowry system, but today I saw it too. Dev says it is very necessary and asks them to give dowry, if they want Vidhi to be happy there. Vidhi asks what are you saying? Dev says it is between damad and sasur. Urmila gets upset. Hariprasad asks what we can give to you. Dev asks if you permit me, then can I take it myself. Bimla gets worried. Hariprasad asks what is that, which we can give, which he doesn’t have. Seema says Vidhi couldn’t use the shower. Dev brings Vidhi’s woolen mattress and says this is the dowry. Hariprasad says you scared us. Dev says Vidhi couldn’t sleep and she was uncomfortable, so I thought to take this mattress. He says now I understood that the parents might have started dowry system so that their daughter stay in comfort, but greedy people misunderstood it. He says if Vidhi is uncomfortable then I will take you all from here. Bimla blesses him.

When they are returning home, Dev gets a call and tells that he has to go to Dubai, and says she can join him. Vidhi agrees. They come home and see Satyavati unwell. Vidhi calls her Maam. Priya asks her to call her Mummy ji. Priya says she got viral high fever. Dev asks Satyavati if he can take Vidhi to Dubai with him. Mausi ji taunts them. Satyavati says I am not unwell, and asks them to go. Later Vidhi comes to room, Dev asks her to come inside and says he will show the room. Vidhi sees her mattress kept on the bed. Dev says you can sleep peacefully here. Vidhi tells Dev that she can’t come with him, as Satyavati Maam is unwell and she will take care of her. She tries to convince him. Dev says people like you are not manufactured, and that’s why I love you so much. He kisses on her forehead. She asks when you are going? Dev says now itself. Kal hona kal music plays….Vidhi asks him to take care and message her after reaching. Dev kisses on her cheeks and says I will be away from my new bride, and asks her for a kiss. She kisses on his cheek and says all the best. Dev leaves her hand and goes. Vidhi hopes that until he returns, the house shall accept her.

Precap: Mausi ji taunts Vidhi for making Servant as his wife, and says inauspicious things are happening one by one. Vidhi gets teary eyes.

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