Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st February 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st February 2023 Written Update by MA

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satyavati telling that Chitra might be stuck somewhere. Dev says call her. Abhi says phone is unreachable. Satyavati tells that they shall start the rasam. Mausi ji says no, first sister shall do. Kanika says I am also like his sister. She starts the rasam by applying haldi to Dev. Vidhi also sits for haldi and Bimla applies haldi to her. Priya, Mausa ji, yogesh and Abhi also apply haldi to Dev. Dev asks Satyavati to apply haldi to her son. Satyavati says I told you. Dev asks her to do it. Mausi ji asks Dev, why is he getting stubborn and says Satyavati is refusing, so there must be some reason. Dev gets sad. Abhi comes to Vidhi’s house and says haldi came from groom’s side. Abhi asks Vidhi if he can call her Bhabhi ji. Vidhi smiles. Bimla and Urmila apply her haldi, followed by Golden and Seema. Vidhi looks at Hariprasad, who is overwhelmed with emotions. He also applies haldi to her. Neeli Mausi comes there and applies haldi to Vidhi. Abhi comes next and applies her haldi, and says Bhabhi ji come home fast, Bhaiyya can’t wait. He says he has to leave, as function is going on in his house. He leaves. Bimla washes Vidhi’s feet. The neighbors talk that Vidhi has won kuber ka khazana, and tells that she is getting 5 sets and 50 clothes, each worth 50000 Rs. She says she has won lottery. Bimla asks Vidhi to go and take bath, says this haldi clothes needs to be given in charity.

Satyavati thanks Kanika for coming and tells that Chitra is not coming. Dev hears and asks why? Mausi ji says Chitra is compensating for your mistake, what was the need to ruin your relation with Amba. Chitra sees Dev and her photo, and then hears Amba singing song. She goes out and sees Amba drunk. Satyavati tells Dev that Chitra wanted to come, but Amba didn’t let her come. She says Chitra was crying seeing your letter. Dev says I know. Amba asks Chitra to apply her haldi, and asks her to pray for Dev and her love. She tells that she got haldi of Dev’s name. Dev asks Satyavati to smile. Satyavati smiles and tells that when Vidhi comes here, then she will bring happiness here and will join all the broken relations. Vidhi changes her clothes and takes bath. She recalls the neighbors’ taunts and keeps the haldi dress on the side table. She goes out of the house without telling anyone. Dev poses for photos with the guests. He sees Vidhi coming there. Satyavati says I will see. She asks Vidhi, why did you come out of house, it is inauspicious thing. Vidhi tells that she wanted to talk to Dev Sir about something important. Satyavati asks her to come inside. Vidhi and Dev go to room. Mausi ji says abshagun has happened and taunts Satyavati for getting Dev married to a girl who came to sasural after haldi, and who didn’t touch anyone’s feet. Vidhi asks Dev why he wants to marry her. Dev says you are loyal, honest, selfless etc. Vidhi says even I want to marry you for the same reasons, but people talk about us wrongly. She says the label that I have trapped a rich girl, hurts a lot. She shows the file in which it is written that she has no right on any Raichand property, and she will never claim any rights on their property. She says I will marry just you and not the property and wealth. She asks him to sign on it. Dev asks what will you do with this, will you get its hoarding, photos distributed. Vidhi says if you agree then along with my mehendi, my self respect color will also be applied on my hand.

Urmila tells that don’t know where Vidhi has gone. Hariprasad says she is not picking the call. Seema says her phone is here. Vidhi apologizes to Satyavati and tells that she came just like that. Satyavati asks what is the matter? Vidhi says I wanted to talk to Dev sir. Satyavati introduces Vidhi to Mausi ji. Vidhi touches her feet. Mausi ji asks Vidhi to ask her mother to sprinkle gold water on her. Priya provokes Mausi ji. Mausi ji says this girl will make you dance after marriage.

Vidhi returns. Urmila shouts at Vidhi and asks why she went after haldi. Vidhi says I am sorry, I went to talk to Dev sir, until the matter is clear, I can’t marry Dev sir. Hariprasad, Bimla and others get worried. Vidhi says once Dev sir replies come, then I will tell you. She says sorry and goes inside.

Precap: Dev comes to Vidhi’s house and applies her haldi. He says marriage will happen as per your liking. Later he collides with a girl outside Vidhi’s house.

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