Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 25th January 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 25th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 25th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dev Raichand will answer to Amba’s accusations. Other reporter asks Amba why she was silent till now. Amba says Dev forced her to bring out her pain in open. Urmila and Pramod come to hariprasad’s house. Urmila says Amba will make our life hell, because of Vidhi. Amba tells that it is not easy for me to make my love in this people’s court. She says many girls like me would have bear emotional violence like me, and I want those girls not to be quiet. Dev asks really Amba? Amba says I always maintain my dignity and tells that Dev has done injustice with her, and has broken alliance with her, and is marrying a girl half of his age, breaking the marriage promise which he did 15 years ago. Urmila finds Vidhi missing from there. Amba asks the media and the people to decide if Dev is right, who played with her feelings, and asks if he has the right to oust her from his life and is marrying half of his age girl. The people gossip that old men do like this. Amba tells that Dev used to regard my father as his mentor and gave fire to his dead body. She says we used to love each other. Dev says this is not truth.

She says I applied sindoor of his name, he made me wait and then 20 years old girl came in his life, and everything changed. She says he wanted to marry 20 years old girl then why he insulted me again and again. She says what did you say in press conference that I am your fan or stalker. Dev says I didn’t use this work stalker. They show the clip in which Dev says that for a relationship, both shall consent. Amba says if he wants to prove me mad then why did he get his sister’s marriage done in my house, why he did business with me, why he broke my karwachauth fast. Dev is about to reply to Amba. Vidhi comes there and says I will reply to her. Hariprasad and family see Vidhi on TV with Dev. Dev asks Vidhi why she came. Amba asks who is she to answer me. Vidhi says I want to answer her today. She takes the mic and greets everyone. She says she is Vidhi Sharma, and says she wants to answer as she is part of the accusation which is on him. She says she was talked by the media. She says now their roka is done and soon they will marry. She tells that there is no truth in Amba’s words, as Dev Sir can keep his words. She says he always supported now, it is my duty to stand with him. She says he is a gentlemen, and Dev Sir will not talk about Amba being a gentleman.

Amba says Dev has given promise to my Papa that he will be with me and will marry me, and says he then used to delay it. She says when they were getting engaged, Satyavati and Dev insulted her. She says you just wrote about my engagement, and asks them to show her engagement clip. Vidhi tells that Dev sir never promised marriage with you. She says I am sad that a daughter is lying big taking her dead father’s name.
She tells that he had promised your father that he will take care of you and will make stand on your feet. She says Amba fell in love with him seeing his goodness, but he never accepted it. She asks if he told you openly that he loves you. Amba says he is not expressive. Vidhi says Dev sir expressed love to me infront of everyone. She says though he refused, you continued to apply sindoor to your forehead. She says about breaking your fast, tells that she was missing and everyone was searching her. She says when Dev found her unconscious, he made her drink water like any person will do in that situation. She says when she saw Dev not agreeing, she used his sister to force him so that he agrees for the marriage. She says when his mother came to know that he loves me then she came and stopped the engagement. Amba says this is lie and tells that she believed her and thought her innocent. She says this girl has trapped Dev, she is from middle class family and getting rich husband and says there is no age bar for such persons. She says Dev’s all family is responsible. She asks why they left her alone. Vidhi says you have named his goodness and honesty as love. She says Dev Sir is of 45 years, he didn’t marry till now as he was connected to his family. She says now we will get married as we have our family blessings. Hariprasad and Bimla look at her on TV. Vidhi says we have neither snatched anyone’s rights nor we have betrayed anyone.

Precap: A lady comes home and tells Satyavati if she is mad to get her son marriage done with a young girl. Vidhi tells Dev that their standard will not match with him.

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