Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bimla coming to Vidhi and sprinkls water on her. She goes. Vidhi thinks if Dev Sir refuses, then how will this marriage happen, Maa and Papa agreed with much difficulty. Dev thinks of Vidhi’s words and thinks he can’t understand her, why she needs people validation. He thinks if he does what she is saying then it doesn’t matter, as he also doesn’t want anything. Next day, Mr.Rastogi, the lawyer comes to Raichand Mansion and tells that Dev called him with the legal papers, which he asked him to get ready. Mausi tries to provoke Satyavati against Dev, and tells that he is not yet married and doing this. Priya says if Bhai Saheb does something then I will fight with him legally for my rights.

Hariprasad and Bimla come to Vidhi and asks what she wants to do, why she is not coming for mehendi. He says I couldn’t sleep all night, thinking what is the matter? Vidhi asks them to give her sometime. Abhimanyu asks Dev what is he going to go? Dev says I will be the CEO of the company but is leaving ownership and will get only salary. He says he wants to legalize everything and that’s why called Rastogi Saheb. He tells Abhi that he will be sole signatory of Raichand industries. Abhimanyu asks why you are doing this. Dev says it was my dream that you shall sit on Papa’s chair, and says it is all yours, I was just taking care of it. He says I am getting married, thinks this as my marriage gift. Abhimanyu says it is not possible. Dev asks Rastogi to give papers for Priya, Maa and Chitra. Rastogi gives papers to Dev. Dev gives Raichand Mansion papers to Priya which he transferred on her name. Priya thanks him. He tells Satyavati that Chitra is right now upset, but this is yours and her. Satyavati asks why you are separating yourself from us. Dev tells that whatever he is giving, he is giving to his family and not any outsiders. He tells that when he met Vidhi, he thought she is honest and has solutions for every problem, but actually she used to end all the problems. He tells Mausi that he always want to tell her that he never want anything. He says thanks to Vidhi, I could do this. Satyavati says you might have thought something. Mausi says he is acting and will do something. Satyavati and abhimanyu go upset. Priya thinks Vidhi’s middle class values are useful to her.

Bimla is worried that Vidhi haven’t come out yet. Bimla tells Hariprasad that Vidhi isn’t coming out of room. They see Dev coming there. Bimla says Vidhi is not ready to come. Dev asks if he can talk to them. Bimla says she don’t want to get mehendi applied. Dev tells that Vidhi had come to his house with stamp papers in which it was written that she will not have any rights on my wealth, she doesn’t want people to think her greedy for his mother. He says I accepted her saying. He says I want to say another thing to you, and tells that he has transferred all his properties and money on his family’s name, I will work just as an employee in Raichand company, as CEO, and will get only Salary. He says now I don’t have the tag of billionaire. He says the circumstances have changed and says if you want to change your decision and stop the marriage then I will respect your decision. Hariprasad says I didn’t agree seeing your wealth or status, in my sight, you are truthful person, who built this big empire on his own and today you have given it to your family, I am sure, you will make it again. He says for me, what matters to me, is that you love my daughter. He says the burden of rich and poor, is gone now. He says I am happy and feel proud of decision of you both, and says your love and compatibility shall always be there, I don’t want anything else. Urmila hears and thinks she had agreed for marriage due to shagun and thinks now they have to compensate for this. Vidhi is sitting in her room when someone knocks on the door. Vidhi hears Dev saying that he agrees for her condition. She looks for him and comes out. She doesn’t see Dev. Hariprasad and Bimla move and Vidhi sees Dev standing. Dev goes to Vidhi and says I accepted your sayings, and will do as you say. He says marriage will happen as per your liking, I told my family. He asks will you marry me?Vidhi nods yes. Urmila is upset and angrily. Everyone smiles.

Vidhi sits for her mehendi. Dev sits beside her and writes D on her hand and smiles. Vidhi also smiles. Amba is in her room, she is wearing green saree and jewellery, and writes Dev in the heart with the mehendi. She says you will plead infront of me to become mine, else you can’t live. Dev goes out of Hariprasad’s house, when a girl comes there and collides with him. Dev says I am very sorry. The girl says I am sorry. Dev signs her thumbs up and she also shows him thumbs up.

Precap: Later everyone is dancing in Raichand’s house. Dev and Vidhi are seated, when the same girl who had collided with him, comes to Dev and says hey Mr. Dev.

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