Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th February 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amba telling Dev that she has fixed a big time bomb, and everyone will know when it explodes. Yogesh asks what is wrong with Amba. Kanika says Amba is insulted due to her behavior. Yogesh goes to Amba and asks her to come from there. He takes her away from there. Dev says Amba is in depression and that’s why saying this. Kanika hears Yogesh telling Amba that she shall be strong. Kanika comes there and asks yogesh to come, says everyone is waiting. Yogesh says do your work and let me do my work. He takes Amba from there. Kanika looks on.

Dev asks Hariprasad and Bimla to dance. He asks everyone to give applause for Sharma. Bimla and Hariprasad dance on the old song gulabi aankhein jo teri dekhi….Vidhi gets emotional. Everyone claps for them. Priya tells that she will ask 4 questions to Dev and Vidhi. She asks Dev if Vidhi is the only girl in his life, or there was someone else in his past. Abhi says this is too personal. Dev says he will answer. He tells proudly that he has loved only one girl in his life and will love her always in his life and she is Vidhi. Everyone smiles. Vidhi smiles.

Priya says touchy touchy and asks Vidhi if she is sure that there was nobody in Bhai Saheb’s life, or if she will not get affected with his past. Vidhi takes the mic and tells that if we think about past then how we will leave for today. She says what matters to her, is that his loyalty will make their future. Priya asks Dev, what Vidhi’s support means to him. Dev says people live in the world to live their life, but Vidhi’s support showed me a new different world. Priya calls Vidhi as Mrs. Vidhi Dev Raichand, and says you both have much age gap, and asks until when you both will be happy together. Vidhi asks shall I ask you something, and asks what are the moments when she was happy, which she remembers. Priya says when I started driving the car, my 18th birthday, Abhi and my marriage, when Simmy was born. She says and….Vidhi takes the mic from her and says you must be 27 and could have told 5 good memories when you was happy. She says it happens with us, but this thing will not happen with Dev sir and me. She says all the memories with Dev sir, was special to me. She says his golgappa outing with me, standing infront of my Papa, and standing for me even when he came to know about my illness. Satyavati asks Priya not to ask any questions, and tells that they have proved that what is not important that how many moments shall be there in life, but what is important is how much life shall be there in that moment. Priya says Raichand vs Sharma’s dance performance.

Satyavati, Mausi, Bimla and Urmila start face off dance competition. Aa dekhe Zara plays…..Vidya dances the on the song leja leja….soniye…

Abhi and Satyavati ask Dev to dance next. Dev shouts and says I don’t know dance. He goes to stage and says I don’t know dance, but I will try for Vidhi. Mere rangme rangne wali…..plays….Next they dance on the song chal pyaar karegi…Everyone claps for them. Divya is shown again and again.

Abhi says what a great evening, nobody’s energy is getting less. He asks Dev and Vidhi to do the closing dance of the ceremony. Dev-Vidhi, Hariprasad-Bimla, Rishabh-Anaya, Mausi-Mausa and Abhi-Priya dance. Song plays….mera geeta amar kardo. Vidhi hugs Dev while dancing.

Later Abhi tells Dev that his marriage dress came from Vidhi’s house. Maasa ji says Dev will look good whatever he wears. Priya says look at the fabric and design. Maasi ji says it is brought from cheap market. Seema and Divya like Vidhi’s bridal wear. Urmila comes there and says it is so good and soft. Vidhi smiles. Priya says they should have sent clothes according to our standard, we don’t use such stuff even in normal life. Dev says it is sent with respect and asks Priya, why she always talk about money and standard. He says it is good, I will wear it for my marriage. Abhi says I had worn the clothes given by your parents. Priya says my parents had sent designer outfits. Dev says our love has broken all limits and says what matters to me is that love and respect, and I will wear this for my rounds and marriage.

Precap: Dev and Vidhi get ready for marriage. They take the rounds. Dev gets teary eyes and hugs Vidhi. Everyone smiles.

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