Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th March 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu telling Satyavati that he is done with this marriage and needs a divorce. Satyavati is shocked and asks what did you say? She says nobody got divorce in Raichand family. Abhi says Priya like bahu, haven’t come in the house before, as you have kept us united. Mausa ji and Satyavati asks what has happened? Priya says he is having mood swings. Abhi says she can’t tell you. He goes out and comes home with Rakesh. Satyavati asks who is he? Abhi says he is Rakesh, whom I had beaten up in the market. Priya looks at Rakesh. Satyavati asks why? Abhi says he is Priya’s gym trainer, now he has become poison in my life. He tells them that Priya and the gym trainer are having an affair. He asks Priya to say. Rakesh has kept his mobile cam in his front camera. Amba and Yogesh see everything. Rakesh tells that Priya and I are having an affair since 8 months. He asks Abhi to free him from the Police case, and says I will not show my face to him. Satyavati asks Priya if he is saying truth. Priya says no, he is blackmailing me since many days. Abhi asks her to tell her black secret to everyone. Satyavati asks Priya to say. Mausi ji says this guy is a loafer and playing games with them. Abhi asks Priya to say. Priya says don’t. Abhi tells Satyavati that the woman who can left her family and…He shows their photos. Satyavati, and others get shocked. Abhi asks what is this exercise? He asks her to have breakfast and leave from here. Yogesh says Abhi is showing courage, and says keep that man. Amba says he is fully broken. She says the iron is hot. Yogesh says the hammer will fell on him soon. The call gets ended. Yogesh says only we know, what will be the end. Abhi asks Priya to take her leftover plate also, and says I can’t see any leftover thing in the house. Mausi ji asks him to keep the matter privately. Abhi asks her to leave.

Priya says you spineless man, and tells that she had gone as he is not the man. She says you showed manhood on the first year of marriage, and gave me a daughter, and then you didn’t think about me. She says didn’t I have feelings, and asks shall I bear domestication at home. She says I am so done and throws the plate, which hits Vidhi, who has just come. Priya says sorry. Abhi gets angry and breaks the plates, for harming his bhabhi. Dev stops Abhi. Priya says you will show your manhood this way, and says how can anyone love you, and asks him to see the mirror as this is your truth. Satyavati asks them to stop the fighting. Vidhi asks Abhi to forgive Priya. Abhi says your dewrani has an affair with gym trainer, whom I threw out of the house. He asks how can I let her stay here. He says I want to divorce her. Vidhi asks him to calm down and think about Simmy once. Simmy hears everything, faints and falls down. Vidhi runs to her. Dev calls doctor.

Abhi says Doctor said that she will be fine. Priya says Vidhi is with her. Abhi blames her for showing fake concern and asks her to leave. Priya asks him to shut up and says I will not hear anything against you. Abhi asks her to leave. Priya says enough and says you can’t throw me out from here, as this house is mine. Dev recalls transferring ownership to her. Priya says I can throw you out and all of them. Dev requests her to show her maturity. Priya asks why he lectures her always, and says I will divorce Abhi and will throw him out. Abhi says she didn’t have any shame. Priya says I will not leave my daughter here. They argue. Dev says enough, and asks them to take divorce if they want. Vidhi says divorce. She asks them to think about Simmy who is unwell, and saying Mamma in unconscious state. She says you both shall think about her. Priya says I will not go anywhere, Simmy is unwell and I am not going anywhere. Satyavati gets sad. Dev tells Vidhi that she shall not interfere and give space to others. Vidhi says we are family and it is my duty to keep the family united. Dev says they are your family too, but I know how to handle them. He says what you want, is not right. Vidhi says I understand Priya as a woman and tells that they need a chance. Dev tells that he knows Priya well. Vidhi tells that may be she can change and give a chance to Abhi. Dev asks her to understand that even if the relation gets saved, but the knot will always be there.

Precap: Vidhi says if you have done any mistake which you haven’t told me. She asks if I shall forgive you. Dev asks what did I do?

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