Naagin 6 14th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 14th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 6 14th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Trisha coming to the jungle and calling Shiv ji, asking him to take all her powers from her. The snakes come there and bite Trisha. Trisha sits dizzy. Mahek and Professor jeet comes there. Mahek hits the snakes and makes them go from there. Trisha says let me die, I don’t want to live without Raghu. Professor Jeet says I am your father, how can you be so weak. Mahek says I am your mother, when I didn’t accept defeat, then how can you. She asks her to get up and give pain to Prarthana so that she dies. Trisha says now it is Prarthana’s turn to bear the pain and says see how I give pain to her. Mahek asks her to take revenge from Prarthana and says she will also take revenge from someone. Prarthana and Raghu come to Meher. Manjeet and Jeet are by her side. Manjeet says when Meher came in our lives, we were childless, she has become our life. She tells about Meher’s choice. Meher gets up and asks where you are going leaving me and asks them to take her also. Jeet asks her to stay with her real parents. Prarthana and Raghu ask Meher to stay with them if she wants. Meher says she wants to stay with all of them. Prarthana says you can’t stay with all, and tells her that Krishna loves his yashoda, though Devki gave him birth. She says manjeet is your Yashoda and asks how can I snatch you from your yashoda. She says I have bear the pain of losing my daughter and asks how can I give the same pain to them (Manjeet and Jeet). Manjeet hugs Prarthana. Meher asks Prarthana if she can call her Maa. Prarthana hugs her and cries. Purvika comes there and hugs them. Raghu hugs them. Suwarna comes to the Naag Mahal and asks Raghu why he called her. Raghu says you hae sacrificed your powers for us. Suwarna says you are my brother, and I can give my powers to you. Prarthana says you can get your powers back today. Suwarna asks if this can happen. Naagraj Takshak says yes, this can happen when Shesh Naag and Shesh Naagin unite. They hold each other’s hands and says Om Namashivay.

They all start praying. Suwarna sits praying. The snakes come there and bite her. The divine light falls on her, her skin turns scaly and she gets naagin costime. Naagraj Takshak tells that everything will be same, but don’t know what will happen. They come home and sees Purvika hanging upside down with the magical powers. Trisha comes there. Prarthana asks how can you do this with Purvika. Trisha says I have raised her up and gave her motherly love so that Raghu accepts me, but he made fun of my love. She says she will kill Purvika, and makes her fall down. She blows fire from her mouth and tries to burn her. Prarthana takes shesh naagin form and sets off the fire. She holds Trisha with her tail and says she is throwing her out of the house today and asks her not to come again. Trisha attacks Prarthana. Prarthana hits her and says you have done enough, and says if you come again, then I will hang you where my daughter was hanging today. She throws her out and closes the door.

Mahek holds Ajay with her tail and confronts him for betraying a naagin. She says she has come to take revenge from her. Suwarna comes there. Mahek says she is the most powerful naagin and says she will smash and kill them. Suwarna asks her to try. Mahek throws Ajay down. Suwarna binds Mahek with Prarthana’s naag pash and tells her that if she don’t go then she will kill her. Mahek asks her to remember that she will return and will kill her. She becomes snake and goes. Suwarna brings first aid box and applies ointment to his injury. He says he will enjoy dating a hot naagin and asks if she will like to date a human. Suwarna smiles.

Trisha comes to the lab with some injuries and tells Professor Jeet and Mahek that Raghu and Prarthana haven’t hurt her, but hurt them. She says they have challenged you both, and badmouths about them. She says she has understood that she is an ordinary naagin of a weak naagin and coward rakshas. Professor Jeet says my daughter can’t be weak. Trisha says Raghu and Prarthana are very stronger than you and can defeat you. Professor Jeet says we will attack them again and will take revenge from them. He says they will attack on their hearts, which is this nation. Mahek asks if his plan is ready. Professor Jeet says he will execute his plan tomorrow and tells that his millions of mini snakes will unite to make a maha snake bomb tomorrow, and then we will plant the bomb in the parliament when all the powerful politicians are present there. Mahek says Prarthana shall not know about this. Professor Jeet says I have plan to divert her, time has come to make Prarthana meet her father. Mahek and Trisha smiles.

A bus is hanging on to the cliff and small children are inside. Professor jeet acts to help the children come out of the bus. Prarthana thinks she shall help him, save the children. She brings bus to safety. He slips and is falling down. Prarthana comes running and holds his hand. He sees her and says Prarthana. Prarthana recalls his death and burning his pyre. She says Papa and pulls him up. Prarthana hugs him and asks why you didn’t return to me. She brings him home. Raghu sees him. Prarthana says he is my Papa. Raghu says but you had said that you had done his last rites. Prarthana says even I don’t know. Professor Jeet tells her that when his pyre was burning, the fire was set off. Prarthana says I went to bring more woods. Jeet says a sadhu was going from there and saw me, and took him to the cave. He says I was in the coma for many years, and then I came to know that you got into the earth. Prarthana says after Pratha and Rishabh’s death, I went into the earth, but someone saved me and named me Preeti, says I started my life with the orphan kids. She says everything will be fine. Professor Jeet says your life will become painful, see what will happen with you. Prarthana introduces Professor Jeet to Purvika and says he is her Nanu. Professor Jeet says she can call him professor, if not Nanu. Prarthana tells everyone that tomorrow Rishabh Papa will be honoured for saving the country in Delhi Parliament. Professor asks her to go. Raghu also asks her to go there. Professor thinks he will make this event as his weapon to fulfill his mission. Prashant calls her and tells her something. Prarthana tells Professor about it. He says he knows that bomb blast will happen in Delhi-Rajasthan border. Prarthana gets a message that the blast will happen in Unnati maidan. She asks if you are sure? Professor says don’t you trust me? Prarthana says I will go there. He thinks nothing will happen there and asks her to go, and says by the time you return, Mahek will complete making bomb.

Mahek says she will join all the tiny snakes into one big bomb, and then will blast parliament using then missile. Mahek started making a big snake which is having 10000 snakes poison. Prarthana comes to the Delhi-Rajasthan border and checks the place. She thinks where the blast is going to happen. Ajay and Suwarna come there and tell that they have checked and the blast is not happening here. Prarthana says I will go to Unnati Maidan and asks them to spend time with each other. Mahek makes the bomb and says then they will attack the country. She says this big snake will go in the missile for the blast. She puts the snake in the missile and smiles. Prarthana comes there and hears Mahek saying that nobody can stop this country’s destruction, when the bomb in this Missile explode then everyone will die, and says I will see who will stop its explosion, as it will explode anyhow. Prarthana thinks Prashant’s info was right, she will stop Mahek. Just then she sees Professor coming there and confronting Mahek for trying to destroy his country. He says due to my wrong information, Prarthana is not here, but I will save the nation. He whispers to her to beat him. Mahek asks what? He insists. Prarthana sees everything and runs to save him. Mahek thinks that’s why he did this. She thinks now nobody can stop them from exploding the bomb.

Episode ends.

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