Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudra’s parents are sitting with Anmol, Urvashi and Pataali. Rudra’s mother says thank god, Rudra believed us and not Prarthana. Anmol asks her not to worry and tells that she will not let Rudra go back to Prarthana. Pataali asks what about the guy whom you promised to marry. Just then Rithvik comes there and shouts calling Anmol. Urvashi tells Sayali that she will get justice for her. Sayali asks if Pratha had really killed my mother. Urvashi says yes. Anmol’s friends come there and tells her about Rithvik. Anmol asks Sayali to handle him. Sayali goes downstairs and tells him that Anmol doesn’t love him. Rudra comes to Anmol and others and tells them that he is going back. Anmol goes out and asks him not to go out, as both women are dangerous and can do anything. Rudra’s mothrer says thank god, I am safe. Rudra asks them not to worry. Anmol asks if they can marry, as his parents wanted. Rithvik hears them and asks Anmol what is she saying? Rudra tells him that she is his fiance. Rithvik goes. Sayali goes behind him and asks him to forget Anmol, and tells that she doesn’t deserve him. She says you will soon get a good guy. He asks if she is interested in him, then she shall come to meet him and have coffee with him. Sayali says she can’t come and goes inside. Pratha is in disguise of Rithvik and thinks you will come. Next day, pataali tells that the naagins haven’t done anything till now. Sayali tells Anmol that Rithvik was good guy. Rithvik (Pratha) calls her. Sayali goes out with him. Another person as Rithvik comes there and asks where is Sayali? Urvashi gets shocked and thinks she will not let anything happen to her. She goes out. Rithvik stops the car and takes her outside. Urvashi comes there and attacks him with Mani. She tells that she has brought Mani so that to bring her in her true avatar. The guy tells that he is Rithvik. Urvashi says if you enter the house then your father will die. Urvashi asks Rithvik not to meet her daughter. She scolds Sayali and takes her from there. Prarthana and Pratha come to Rithvik and asked why he helped her. They ask him many questions. He says their aim was same and takes them from there.

Urvashi asks Suhasini why she couldn’t handle her grand son, RPS’s son. She tells that it is good that she took Naagmani with her, and that’s why she got saved with Sayali. Pataali slaps urvashi. Rithvik takes them to jail and tells that he is RPS’s son. He tells that his father always said that he shall only trust Pratha, and says but Pratha also didn’t believe his father. He tells that RPS was innocent and Suhasini was guilty along with Urvashi and Pataali. Pratha apologizes to RPS. RPS nods his head.

Pataali asks how dare you to take it outside. Urvashi tells that she wouldn’t have lost it, as both Naagins wll not dare to come inside, fearing Rishabh’s death. Later she tells sayali that she will sell the naagmani and leave from there.

Rithvik tells Pratha and Prarthana that their aim is same. He says he will help them come inside the house. Later Suhasini asks Rithvik if he met his dad. He says no, I hate him. She asks if he likes some girl. Rithvik says he likes Sayali, but Urvashi doesn’t like him. urvashi comes there. Suhasini asks her about Rithvik and Sayali’s alliance. Urvashi says he is good, but we shall talk about matter later. She goes. Rithvik tells Suhasini that Urvashi doesn’t like her. Suhasini gets upset. Later Pratha and Prarthana pretend to be Urvashi and Pataali and talk. Urvashi tells that she will agree for the alliance and then will kill Rithvik. Suhasini hears and gets shocked. Pratha and Prarthana come infront of Urvashi indisguise of Rithvik and Suhasini. Urvashi hides. Pratha and Prarthana tell that Sayali likes him, and that they will kill Urvashi. Urvashi thinks she will not leave her. She goes out of the house and calls Suhasini. Suhasini comes there in her car and hits Urvashi. She gets down and says we have come here for alliance. Urvashi aims gun at Suhasini. Suhasini gives her injection and is about to shoot Urvashi, when Pataali comes there and hits Suhasini with a rod. Urvashi shoots her and leaves. Pratha, Prarthana and Rithvik come there. Suhasini asks Rithvik to help her. Rithvik says you have killed many persons. Pratha says your grand son doesn’t want to save you. They leave. Suhasini dies.

Pratha and Prarthana are in the temple. Prarthana asks Pratha if she is really her mother. Pratha says yes. Prarthana tells that she don’t want to be naagin after taking her Papa’s revenge. She is upset that Rudra is upset with her. Pratha says everything will be fine. She tells that her naagin identity is her destiny and can’t help it. She gives her courage to handle the problems. Prarthana hugs her. Prarthana sees anklet and asks Pratha. She says it is sparkling. Pratha asks Prarthana to keep it with her as Nani wants her to have it. She says she got saved due to the anklet. Prarthana asks Pratha to wear it. Pratha tells that mother is mother always, and asks her to wear the anklet.

Rudra thinks he loved Pratha, buts he betrayed him. He recalls their moments. Rudra’s parents come there and ask him to forget Prarthana. His mother says very soon you will marry Anmol. His father tells that they will get Rishabh’s property also. Rudra says he is not interested in the property. He says he will not leave the persons harming his family and goes. His parents sit on the sofa. Rudra’s mother asks her husband to get share in Mani also, when it gets sold. He smiles chatting with Urvashi and she gets upset and insists on checking his phone. He keeps it in his pocket and tells that Urvashi wants to talk about Anmol and Rudra’s marriage. His wife asks him to talk and also about share in Mani. Prarthana sees some dangerous creature and turns, and she sees another one again. She falls in the big pit. Many snakes come there.

Precap: Shesh Naag asks who has woken him up and attacks Pratha and Prarthana for waking him up. Later Anmol backstabs Prarthana in the naag mahal. Pratha looks at Pataali, Anmol and Urvashi standing together in the naagmahal.

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