Naagin 6 21st May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 21st May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 6 21st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prarthana telling Raghu that they have to save their nation pride and shall not get it insulted. She goes out to the Missile and finds it about to blast in 5 mins. She thinks I have to take her away from here. Just then she smells someone firing arrow on her, which has sarp ganda on it. The attacker (naagin) attacks her repeatedly. Jeet comes there. Prarthana sees him and says Papa. Jeet says I am coming beta. He runs to Trisha who is standing there. He holds her face. Trisha calls him Papa. Prarthana says this is impossible, he can’t be Trisha’s father. She says I can’t believe.

Jeet comes to Prarthana and says I will help, when my daughter asked me to help. Prarthana gets teary eyes. Jeet says I will help my real daughter and she is Trisha. Prarthana says my heart doesn’t agree. Jeet says he is the mastermind of this conspiracy and says Trisha’s father is infront of you, Professor Jeet Patel. He says I will ruin this nation infront of you. Prarthana says just you was there for me in this whole world, and you turn out to be the enemy of the nation, I never thought that my Papa will be the enemy of the nation. She says today you have broken my trust, I will break you and will not leave you. She gets up and says my Nana was this country’s enemy, and my mother had taken his life. A fb is shown, Pratha is shown killing her father. Fb ends. Prarthana says I will walk on my mother’s footsteps and will save the nation killing my father.

She says if I have to kill my loved ones then I will. Suwarna and Ajay come to Raghu and tell him about Professor Jeet being the mastermind and Trisha’s father. Suwarna says they had kept him captive and that’s why Ajay is weak and Mahek’s poison is in him. Raghu is shocked and says he is the mastermind. Raghu says Prarthana has taken the Missile from here. He looks for Jeet and say may be he went behind Prarthana, I have to go to help her. He asks Suwarna and Ajay to take care of the people there and goes. Prarthana takes half naagin form to kill Professor Jeet Patel, but she couldn’t even attack him recalling their moments. She asks why you want to hurt our own country? She asks how can you do this, this is your country. Jeet says what this country gave me, this is not my country, it didn’t give me respect and honor. He says nobody can stop me, I will kill everyone in 3 mins. Prarthana says I have to go and take the Missile away. Professor Jeet says you have to kill me to go to the Missile. Prarthana cries and asks Shiv ji, what to do? Raghu comes there and says you have to do Shesh naagin’s duty and save the nation. He says this fight is not of daughter and father, but of right and wrong. He asks her to do her duty. Raghu and Prarthana take half naag and half naagin avatar and hit them. Prarthana takes the Missile and runs away from there. Professor Jeet Patel gets up and sees Prarthana running with the Missile. Prarthana brings the Missile near the Yamuna river. Raghu comes there. Prarthana tells him that she has to go deep inside Yamuna so that the blast don’t have any affect on the land. Mahek comes there and says Prarthana can’t go. Raghu asks Prarthana to go and remember her promise that she has to return safely. He says he will handle Mahek. He begins fighting with her. Professor Jeet Patel also come there. He shouts Raghu. Raghu ties both of them with his powers and asks Shiv ji to take care of his Prarthana. Prarthana reaches the depth of Yamuna, and the blast happens. Raghu is shocked. Professor Jeet and Mahek smiles. Mahek says Prarthana can never return, as the Missile has the power of 10000 snakes. Raghu shouts asking Prathana to return and says you have promised me. The snakes from the Missile surround Prarthana, and she falls down.

Professor Jeet Patel says Prarthana is dead. Raghu says she has to return. A divine light falls on Yamuna, and Prarthana comes out of the Yamuna, absorbs all the poisons of the snakes. Raghu greets Shesh Naagin, and tells that you have saved this country and has fulfilled your promise, has returned for our daughters and family. Prarthana frees Professor Jeet and Mahek, and says you have changed the meaning of father and daughter’s relation, broken my heart and hopes. She says you have seen daughter in me, but today you will see Shesh naagin in me. She says today, Shesh naagin has come to ruin her country’s enemies and to kill them. Prarthana Jeet Patel gets up and says my other daughter will fulfill my aim, which my one daughter has ruined, the game has just started. He says Trisha will complete his work. Mahek says we knew that you will do something.

Suwarna tells Ajay that the felicitation ceremony is finished, we have to take everyone out from here safely. Just then they find the door locked. The guard comes there and says no door is opening. Trisha comes there and says I have closed all the doors on my Papa’s saying. Suwarna says you can’t do anything, Prarthana has destroyed the missile. Prarthana holds Mahek’s neck and asks what Trisha is going to do? Trisha calls Jeet Patel and says she has closed all the doors, and asks what to do now. Jeet Patel asks her to close her eyes and remember the moments spent with them. He asks her to do as he said. He says Papa and Mamma really loves you a lot. Trisha couldn’t understand what he is saying. Her locket is highlighted. Trisha thinks why Papa said this. Raghu asks what is going on here? Mahek says we had made back up already, and says you had destroyed one plan and second….Raghu asks what? Professor Jeet says second is our daughter Trisha. He recalls asking Trisha to get up after Prarthana attacks her before running with the Missile. He asks her to go inside and close all the doors and windows. He says we have filled the snakes poison in our daughter, and she is present where many reputed and VIPs are gathered from all around the world. He says she is present, where your family is there. Mahek says our daughter is our life, and she will sacrifice her life for our mission, we will win and this country will ruin. Prarthana says you couldn’t become of your real daughter also and feels disgusted that he is not loyal to anyone. Raghu and Prarthana leave from there to stop Trisha. Suwarna asks Trisha to tell what is her plan, what they are going to do? Trisha recalls Professor Jeet Patel’s words and closes her eyes, realizing their plan. Professor Jeet and Mahek start the countdown. The pendant which she is wearing sparkles and turns green. Suwarna looks on. Professor Jeet and Mahek continue the countdown. The blast happens. Mahek and Jeet sit down. Prarthana and Raghu get shocked seeing the blast. They come inside and see the green smoke.

Prarthana finds out that everyone’s hands have snake symbol on them. Purvika and Meher tell that they have hidden hearing the blast. Prarthana says nothing happened to Suwarna, Purvika and Meher as they are naagins. She says this was not ordinary attack, but chemical attack. Meher asks about her parents. Suwarna says everyone from came from other countries , they are also in problem, our country will get bad reputation. Prathana prays to Shiv ji to give her strength to make then fine again. Everyone is taken to the hospital. Prarthana asks Suwarna to take them to the hospital. Prashant tells Prarthana that the chemical freezes the blood giving the person slow death. Prarthana asks him to do something. Prashant asks her to bring the antidote formula, and then only he can do something. Prarthana says it must be in the lab. They come to the lab and find red diary. Mahek and Jeet come there. Prarthana drops the diary on the floor. Professor says you will save people when you get the diary. He burns the diary. Prarthana says he has forgotten that she is Shesh naagin and can read anyone’s mind from her third eye. She holds him with her tail. Mahek asks her to fight with him first. Prarthana hits him and makes him fall down. She then gets formula from his mind, and goes with Raghu. Mahek wakes up Jeet patel, who tells that he has a plan to destroy their family. Meher and Purvika are looking at Ajay. Suwarna says your mother is powerful and will save everyone.

The reporter asks who will answer us. Professor Jeet comes there wearing mask and tells the reporters that Suwarna, Purvika and Meher are fine as they are naagins. He tells that they have made the virus and got saved from it. He asks them to call the snake charmers and make them play flute. He goes. The reporters come near Suwarna and the girls and think to call the snake charmers to report the first news. Mahek appreciates Jeet Patel for planning to get Shesh naagin’s family killed by her own country people.

Prarthana and Raghu come to Prashant and give him formula. Prashant says I will make antidote, but needs your poison, as this virus is made from your daughters’ poison. Prarthana says we will give poison, but Prashant says antidote needs all their poison, as the virus was made of 1000’s of snake. He says if all poison is taken out then it will be difficult for you both to survive.

The reporters fool Suwarna and the girls and ask them to go and have something. They ask them to go to the room. Suwarna refuses. The girls tell that they are hungry. Suwarna says she will feed them food. The reporter says now we will get big breaking news. They go to the room and the door is locked. Purvika says there is no food. Suwarna says this is strange. The snake charmers, Jeet and mahek come there with the reporters. The snake charmers play the flute. Suwarna says so this is the conspiracy to bring out our truth. Professor Jeet smiles. Mahek is not affected with the flute sound and says now Prarthana’s daughter real avatar will come infront and nobody can save them. Suwarna asks the girls not to let their naagin avatar come infront of everyone.

Prarthana says they don’t care about their lives and asks him to take their poison and make the antidote. Raghu says we can die for our country. Prarthana says innocent people and our country’s pride shall not end. Prashant says he will make the arrangements.

Precap: Prarthana gets Shiv ji’s trishul and throws on Mahek. Mahek gets stabbed on her neck by the trishul.

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