Naagin 6 4th December 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 4th December 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 6 4th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratha thinking what is that which she is missing. She gets a note asking her to meet in the garden. She comes out and sees the decorated garden area with table and two chairs. She thinks if Rishabh has done this. Just then she finds Rishabh unconscious near the table. She gets shocked and asks him to wake up. Rishabh comes there. Pratha thinks then who is here? She finds the unconscious Rishabh missing. Rishabh asks her to sit and asks her to drink water. Pratha says someone is keeping eye on us, Rishabh. Mahek is watching them. Rishabh asks Pratha to get ready for the dinner which he organized for her. Pratha thinks if she is over thinking and thinks tomorrow is Prarthana’s marriage and I shall not think anything. Mahek is hiding with Urvashi and Seema and tells them that Pratha is emotional not to know what is her plan. She tells that she will make the blast in her niece’s marriage. Pratha sees snake skin’s and then look around. She sees Urvashi and Seema, with Mahek. She gets shocked to see them alive. Mahek tells that she will get all the 9 naagmanis, and plans to kill her tomorrow. Pratha is standing far and tells that she will not let Mahek harm her daughter.

Rudra comes to Prarthana. Prarthana asks him to go and says Maa said that we can’t see each other before marriage. He asks her to show her face once. She keeps her hand on her face and then removes her hand from her face. She sees snake biting Rudra and runs to him. Rudra says you have killed me due to your powers. It is Prarthana’s dream. Pratha recalls Mahek’s words that they have to attack Prarthana before she revives the powers of 9 manis and that they shall kill her. Rishabh tells someone that today is her daughter’s marriage. Tushar Kapoor comes there. Rishabh introduces Rudra to him and tells about Mareech, the criminal. Tushar Kapoor says he came to meet his wife and says just joking. Rishabh says I will bring my wife. He goes to Pratha and asks what happened? Pratha hugs him. He asks if she saw any bad dream or bad thought, and thinks she is emotional as Prarthana is getting married. He says Mr. Dixit is waiting for you. Tushar Kapoor asks Pratha if she is fine. Rishabh tells that Prarthana is worried thinking about the person who is not alive. Tushar Kapoor asks Pratha to get support from her husband and asks her to make sure that the criminal will attack them from four sides. Rishabh asks Tushar Kapoor to attend the marriage. Tushar Kapoor tells that he got a call from his dept. He promotes Mareech and goes. Pratha tells Rishabh that Mahek has returned. Rishabh takes her to side and asks her to tell clearly. Pratha tells Rishabh that Mahek came with urvashi and seema, and wanted to kill Prarthana and wants to get 9 mani powers, as she has Nani’s anklet and it is very powerful. She says Prarthana has to revive the powers of mani. She tells Rishabh that she wants their happiness. Rishabh says she can’t harm us. She tells that first we will revive the mani powers and then will get the marriage done. Pratha says she will ask Tashak Raj to make the arrangements for puja. Rishabh says he can die for his daughter. Pratha says sheb wants to die before him. They tell that they will not let anything happen to her.

Prarthana is in the Naag Mahal. Tashak Naag Raj comes. She greets him. She tells that she don’t want to take up this responsibility and wants to lead a simple life. Tashak Naag Raj tells that everything can’t happen as we think. Prarthana says she will take up this responsibility, but he shall give her boon that nothing can happen to her love. Tashak Naagraj asks what are you asking? Prarthana says until you give me this boon, I will not do this puja. Tashak Naagraj gives her boon that nothing will happen to her husband. He says you don’t know what you have asked. Prarthana says she asked for her husband’s life. She sits for puja. He plays the shank.

Rudra comes to Prarthana’s room. He asks Pratha where is Prarthana. Pratha tells that Prarthana will not come as she has gone to revive the naagmani powers. She tells him that Urvashi, Seema and her sister who was dead, came back to life. She says they want to kill Prarthana and asks him to go due to the danger to their lives. Rudra sits on the mandap. Sayali says Maasi will bring Prarthana. Mahek comes there with Urvashi and Seema. Rishabh says I know your intentions. Sayali asks Urvashi to mend her ways and says you knows well what has happened. Urvashi slaps her and says you have changed the side. Sayali says you are bad and I know what can happen. Mahek asks where is the bride? Rudra asks her not to talk about Prarthana. She pushes them and takes snake avatar. The Pandt ji runs away. Pratha hopes that the puja completes soon. She hears someone coming, and sits with veil to act as Prarthana. Mahek comes there and asks if her mother told her about her daughter. She keeps knife on Pratha’s stomach and says 9 naagmanis are not coming out, it means you are Pratha. She says you ave wasted my time, and sat on your daughter’s place and sent her there. Prarthana and Tashak NaagRaj are sitting for the puja.

Mahek comes out in the hall. Pratha holds her with her tail. Mahek stabs Pratha with knife. Pratha holds her with her tail. Mahek asks Urvashi and Seema to stop Prarthana who is doing puja in the house only, as she can hear her doing puja. Seema and Urvashi run to stop Prarthana. Rudra and Rishabh run behind them. Seema checks in room and thinks Prarthana might be doing puja in the room, where I had kept Shakti captive. Rudra comes in her way. Seema asks him to move else he will lose his life. Urvashi is standing behind him and back stabs the magical knife. Seema then pushes Rudra down from upstairs. Pratha takes out knife from Rudra and tells Mahek when this knife can kill Shesh Naagin, then it can kill you too. Seema comes to the room, where she had locked Shakti. She finds Rishabh standing there. She comes near him holding the knife. She tells him that she acted to be his mother many years back. He tries to stop her. She attacks him and he gets injury and falls down.

Rishabh holds knife at Seema and asks him to leave and never to return. Seema says I can reach there after killing you. She stabs knife on his chest. Pratha is about to stab Mahek and finds the pain in her chest, takes Rishabh name. Seema takes out the knife from him. Rishabh still comes on her way. Seema pushes him and he falls down. Pratha turns and looks at him. She walks towards him and recalls their moments. Just then Mahek stabs Pratha. Sayali and her cousin are shocked. Pratha falls down and tries to hold Rishabh’s hand. Rishabh also tries to hold her hand. Seema asks Mahek to go to the room where they have kept Shakti. Sayali and her cousin come infront of her and refuse to let her go. Mahek stabs them too. Sayali and her cousin falls down. Prarthana revives the powers of the naagmanis. Tashak Naagraj folds his hands before her, and says puja is completed, and the 9 naagmani powers have made you Maha Shesh Naagin.

Precap: Prarthana sees Rishabh, Pratha and Rudra dead. She tells that she sacrifices her life and gets buried in the ground with all her powers. Mahek, Seema and Urvashi are shocked.

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