Naagin 6 7th August 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 7th August 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 6 7th August 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratha coming to the Naag Mahal temple and asks Naag Raja Takshak to help her. Takshak comes infront of her. Pratha apologizes to him and says her anger was not in her control and that’s why she misbehaved with him. She asks him to give her permission to do the puja. He thinks there are some secrets which I can’t tell you. He talks to Nageshwari’s photo frame and says your grand daughter asked me who had killed you, but I didn’t tell her, as the time haven’t come till now. He says some secrets shall be hidden. He checks for the anklet in the drawer and says your grand daughter is stubborn like you, will get what she wants. Shesh naag comes there and asks Takshak why he didn’t fulfill Pratha’s wish. Takshak says she is asking for her husband’s life, but I can give the life if he was dead. Shesh Naag asks why didn’t you tell her. Takshak says she will find it herself when the time is right. Shesh Naag smiles and folds his hands.

Urvashi feels pity on Mahek for Rishabh’s dead, and says today is her birthday. Mahek shows Rishabh’s video in which he is naming his property on her name. She shows the papers and says it is signed by him. She says he used to love me a lot and named all his property on my name. Rehaan says this is wrong. Mahek smiles and goes. Ritesh asks Urvashi to talk to Hina. Urvashi says my daughter Reem doesn’t support you, so why shall I? She says hina is the owner of this wealth now. Urvashi asks Mahek how did she do this? Mahek says Shakti has done this, and tells that after his death, this question will arise. A fb is shown, she goes to Shakti. Shakti holds her neck and says I will kill you. Mahek says if you kill me, then how will I bring Deepika here in the night. She says she had planned to kill Shakti after this. She asks him to become Rishabh as Deepika loves him. Shakti becomes Rishabh and names the property on her name. fb ends. Mahek says Zang got the land and I got the wealth. Urvashi asks her not to forget her. Mahek says don’t worry, you will get your share. She says Rishabh died, and I got everything. Ritesh tells Rehaan that we didn’t get anything. Rehaan says he will kill her. Ritesh says she is a Naagin and will swallow us like an Anaconda. Mahek comes there and threatens to bite Rehaan and Ritesh. Ritesh asks her to kill them. Mahek says if I want then I can do your share to you both, but problem is Urvashi who wants her to deal with her. She says I want you both to get your share. She comes out and she turns out to be Pratha.

Mahek thinks the party will be very lavish and she has much money. She says I will go away from here, just as I get the money. Pratha hears her and comes there as Rehaan. Rehaan tells Mahek that nobody is loyal to her here, and instigates her against Urvashi. He goes out and becomes Pratha.

Reem asks Urvashi how she will raise the baby if she don’t get any wealth. Urvashi says whatever is mine, is yours and of Ria. Reem says I fear that Mahek will double cross you, as she promised the guys of the house that she will give one share to them each. Urvashi says Mahek talked to them. Reem says yes and goes out. She is Pratha and thinks she will take revenge for Rishabh’s death. She says even if anyone knows about me, then I don’t care. She plans to go to her baby and husband.

Aunty asks Rajesh where is your wife, and says she doesn’t find her values good. Pratha comes there and tells that she had gone to temple and prayed for their family well being. Aunty gets impressed. Pratha says you might be thinking how did I know all this and says she is Shiv bhakt and does puja. Aunty says she has kept muh dikhayi rasam and asks her not to go out. She asks her to get ready. Rajesh asks Pratha if she will do this rasam. Pratha says I can’t help you further, my mental condition is not good, wherever I see, I see Rishabh only. Rajesh says I understand, it is matter of few mins. Rehaan talks to Divya and tells about property. Divya asks him to get his property. She then informs Pratha about it. Pratha goes. Divya asks Rajesh if he has forgotten the reason of your wife’s death.

Urvashi and Mahek have a cat fight and they want to teach each other a lesson. A naagin comes there and gives a message to Mahek. Mahek reads it and says Shesh Naagin is marrying and has kept swayamvar and says whoever marries him will be Rani Shesh Naagn. She says she will get so much wealth, there is a kuber wealth in Naag lok. She says she will participate in the swayamvar. Farishta asks Shesh Naagin, if he is getting married and asks what about his swear not to marry. He says he will write a new chapter and says mahek will come here, she doesn’t know that she is Shesh Naagin. He says Pratha doesn’t know that Rishabh is alive. Farishta asks if he will tell Pratha. Shesh Naag says no and tells that Mahek will try to become Shesh Naag Rani. Mahek tells that nobody will think anything if she remarries, as Rishabh had married her after Pratha’s death.

Aunty comes to Pratha and gives red color clothes. Pratha tells Rajesh that she will not wear as Rishabh has gone from her life. Rajesh asks her to wear it just for today. Pratha thinks about Rishabh and her. Aunty asks Rajesh to check on Kiara. Rajesh says I will check. He sees Pratha coming there. Pratha sits. He sits beside her. Pratha thinks why she has a feeling that Rishabh is near her. Aunty asks Rajesh to lift bahu’s veil. He lifts her veil. Aunty says she is not having sindoor and asks him to fill sindoor in her maang. Rajesh takes the sindoor bottle in his hand. Pratha nods no. Rajesh closes his eyes. Pratha imagines Rishabh coming there and gets emotional. Song plays main yahan hun. She stops Rajesh from filing her maang, takes sindoor in her hand and fills her maang. She imagines Rishabh holding her hand. Everyone gives her gifts. Aunty asks Archana to make her eat sweets. Archana asks Rajesh to make her have sweets. Pratha is sitting sadly. She imagines Rishabh asking her to eat. She tastes the sweets.

Divya gifts her branded chain and pendant which she brought specially for her. Pratha gets teary eyes and wipes her tears. Urvashi and Mahek come there together. Pratha thinks what are they doing here together, I made them fight. Mahek invites them for her birthday party. Urvashi says your Aunty invited us for your Muh dikhayi, so we thought to attend the function and invite you all. Mahek says my husband had died recently, but he had planned my birthday party, and wanted her to be happy. Aunty says your husband died just 7 days before and you are celebrating birthday. Pratha says it is ok, as she said that her husband wants her to be happy. Mahek thanks her. Urvashi tells that she is supporting her as she wants the property. She says she feels that she shouldn’t have thrown the party. Mahek says if she had not planned this, then how Kiara will come there. She says she has promised Shakti to bring his Deepika to him. She says only Shakti can sign as Rishabh and once he signs then I will get the property. She says she will handle all the Gujrals, Rehaan and Ritesh and then will leave from here to become Shesh Naag Rani.

Ritesh tells Rehaan that they shall tell everyone that Hina is a Shesh Naagin, and then she will not get anything. Rehaan says if the moon light falls on her, then her real avatar will come infront of everyone. Mahek asks what are they planning? Ritesh says we plan to make your birthday special. Urvashi asks Mahek to be careful and says today’s moonlight shall not fall on you, and then everyone will know about you being Naagin, and the property will go to trust. Mahek says just as Kiara comes to the party, I will take her to shakti and he will enjoy. She says then she will take his signs and will kill him. She says she will kill these two rats too, Ritesh and Rehaan. She talks to Rishabh’s pic and says nobody is missing you and laughs. She says she will get ready nicely and will become Shesh Naag Rani.

Reem tells urvashi that mahek wants to enjoy life like a beautiful angel, and says she should have mourn for her husband’s death. Urvashi asks Mahek to be careful tonight. Mahek says she got all the windows closed, and says she is the moonlight in the party. She slips. Pratha holds her and says your mouth would have broken it.

Precap: Mahek participates in the Shesh Naag’s swayamvar. Pratha comes there. A witch comes there and makes a snake lady turn into stone. Later Mahek changes to herself from Shesh Naag, and then she says she will become Shesh Naag Rani. She is seen having the garland in her neck.

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