Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Inspector Ajay coming to Prarthana and informs her that Param is with Mahek, and says he knows that you are alive. He says he was going to meet Mahek, when I stopped him and said that I am with Mahek. He says I have sent her to garden, saying Mahek will meet him there. He asks her to go and meet him and see what to do. Prarthana goes to garden as Mahek. Param says Prarthana is alive and she didn’t lose any powers, she has naagin powers and fooling everyone. Prarthana comes in her real avatar and asks why you are helping Mahek. Param says you are my enemy, you have killed my Mother and your mother killed my Baba. He says you Naagins have killed my parents, I will not leave you, and will take revenge from you. Param says he is Nevla and his Baba is Nevla Rainash. He says I will not leave you, you will die. He becomes Nevla and attacks Prarthana. Prarthana fights with him. He takes humanly form. Prarthana hits him and thinks she can’t kill Naina’s husband. She says just as he comes to his senses, he will tell Mahek. Suwarna comes there and asks her to leave him here, and says I will send him to such a place from where he can’t return. She asks Prarthana to go and save her husband and daughter.

Pataali comes to the hall and dances. Mahek takes her to side and praises her beautiful looks and charms. Pataali says she was doing Sadhna and her looked changed. Mahek asks why did you come here, if anyone sees you here, then. Pataali says today is her grand daughter’s marriage. She says she is Rakshasni, and asks her not to forget that she is her grand son’s wife. Mahek says which husband and says many husbands came in my life and went. They argue. Pataali asks where is Shesh Naagin’s daughter Purvika. Mahek asks what do you want? Pataali says she wants to get peace seeing her yearning in pain. Mahek asks her to do it after marriage. Pataali thinks she will not just see, but will destroy Shesh naagin’s family. Pataali comes to the room, where Purvika is in the room. She says today Shesh naagin family will die. Bela comes there and sees snakes coming out from the room. Pataali asks who is there and comes out. She locks the door and asks what you are doing here? Bela asks her to tell whom she has caged in the room with the snakes. Pataali says you didn’t know who am I? Bela tries to open the door and checks inside, thinks if the girl inside is of Prarthana. She comes to Prarthana and says may be I saw your daughter, and she is caged in the room, where poisonous snakes are there, and tells that the lock is magical. She says that woman had done this.

Prarthana couldn’t see her face. Trisha says Dadi, you are very cute to Pataali. Bela goes and collides with Pataali. Pataali turns and scolds her for colliding with her. Prarthana gets shocked to see Pataali and thinks why she is here? Bela comes to Prarthana and asks did you see her face? Prarthana says yes and realizes that Seema’s son is Trisha’s father who is their biggest enemy. She says she will not stop the marriage and tells that only Shesh naagin can marry Shesh naag, and says Bride will be changed today. She asks Bela about the room where her daughter is captive. She goes to the room and finds it locked with magical rakshasi powers. She tries to open the door as snake, but couldn’t open it. Mahek comes there and fights with her. Shekhar sees her and gets shocked. Mahek handles him and thinks who was that naagin who had come to take Purvika.

Raghu ignores Trisha. Mahek threatens him and asks him to sit quietly. Raghu sits. Ranav asks Raghu, why there is no happiness on his face. Raghu says sometimes we have to take chances due to our loved ones. Ranav says everyone has the right to get his love. He searches for Yamini. Yamini starts dancing. Mahek dances on the song param sundari. Prarthana asks Inspector Ajay to inject sarpganda to Trisha and take her away from here. She says Suwarna will switch off the lights. Ajay goes to Trisha. Ajay gives injection to Trisha and takes her away from there. Prarthana takes Trisha’s avatar and messages Suwarna to switch on the lights. The light comes. Mahek says thank god, it is not someone’s conspiracy. Prarthana thinks I have defeated you taking your daughter’s face. Mahek asks Raghu and Prarthana to go and get ready for marriage. Prarthana as Trisha to call Papa for her marriage. She says she wants their blessings together. Mahek says I can’t call him here. Prarthana as Trisha tells her that if he doesn’t come then think what will happen to her plan. Mahek says ok and goes. Prarthana says now Trisha’s father will be known.

Mahek calls Professor Jeet and asks him to come there, as Trisha doesn’t want to get married until you come here. Professor says he is dead for everyone and says their one mistake can ruin all their plan. Mahek says Shesh Naagin is dead and says if anything wrong happens then I am a naagin and will kill the people. She asks him to come as hot and handsome. Professor Jeet says I have to go for Trisha.

Raghu sits for marriage. Mahek tells that naaglok door will open after marriage, and we will attack Naaglok, my daughter will be Shesh naagin and I will be Rajmata. Mahek calls Professor and says pick up the phone. Mrignaini talks to Mahek and tells her that Meher and her family is leaving the city. Mahek asks her to kill them, to end Shesh naag and Shesh naagin’s family. Suwarna hears her and comes to Prarthana. She informs her. Prarthana says she will go there. Suwarna asks her to go to mandap and tells her that she will go to save Meher. She asks her not to forget that Meher is their daughter and will not let anything wrong happen to anyone. Suwarna goes.

Manjeet, Jeet and Meher are leaving the city. Manjeet says we shall start afresh with Meher once reaching Mumbai. Jeet says if managed we will go to Canada. Meher is sleeping on the back side. Their son is not shown in the car. Mrignaini gives money to the goon to kill Meher. The goons shoot at the car tyres. Jeet stops the car and comes out with Manjeet. Suwarna comes there and beats the goons. The goon keeps gun on Jeet and asks the other goon to burn the car. The goons burn the car and asks Jeet, Manjeet and Suwarna to die. Meher comes out of the car and says death will come to you all, and not them. She becomes snake shocking her parents and kills the goons. She then takes humanly avatar, faints and falls down. Manjeet hugs her. Suwarna tells that Meher is an icchadhari naagin, Shesh naag and Shesh naagin’s daughter. She says now you have to come with me to the safe place, I will tell you everything there.

Pataali tells the Rakshas that just as Trisha gets married to Raghu, then naag lok door will open and their enemies will be dead. Purvika is in her captivity in the rakshas lok. She says today is her grand daughter’s marriage.

Inspector Ajay is keeping eye on unconscious Trisha. Suwarna comes there and says she has kept Meher with Manjeet and Jeet. Ajay coughs. Suwarna gives him water. Ajay says you don’t have naagin powers, I am feeling bad, you might be feeling pain to lose it. Suwarna says once I want to rule on naaglok, then I realize that their duties are very difficult, it is sacrifice. She says Raghu and Prarthana have sacrifice so much for naaglok and that’s why Vasuki and Naagraj Takshak says that nothing can happen to them until they are with them. She says if I had understood this 7 years back then I would have done something, then wouldn’t have seen the day. Ajay says I respect you even more now. Suwarna asks him to say what he wants to say. Ajay says this time is not right. Suwarna says you can tell me, whatever you want to say. Trisha opens her eyes and sees her.

Prarthana comes to the Mandap as Trisha. Mrignaini and Mahek make her sit with Raghu. Prarthana as Trisha asks Mahek if Papa came. Mahek says he will come. Prarthana holds his hand. He thinks why is he feeling that Prarthana held his hand, as she is dead. Prarthana thinks she will be with him in sometime. They stand to exchange garlands. Prarthana thinks today I am remarrying you again and makes him wear garland. Mahek asks Raghu to make her wear garland. Then they sit for the

Ajay is about to say I love you to Suwarna, when Trisha becomes snake and hits him and also hits Suwarna. They faint. Trisha goes from the room. Professor Jeet comes there. Prarthana is about to see him, when Trisha comes there and says stop. Professor Jeet sees the bride taking Prarthana’s form. He runs from there. Prarthana sees him running, but haven’t seen his face. She runs behind him, but Mahek becomes naagin and catches Prarthana. Raghu and Prarthana also take half naag and half naagin form. Mrignaini and Trisha also take half naagin form. Everyone looks on shocked. Mahek says you have lost the powers. Trisha says Suwarna has lost her powers instead of her. Prarthana says I am Shesh Naagin and will defeat all my enemies today.

Precap: The naaglok is attacked. Parimaa says we have to save naaglok. Pataali says we are rakshas and fights with others. She takes rakshas avatar.

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