Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 13th February 2020 Written Update

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 13th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 13th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pinky telling Gagan that dancing with him is not less than winning the world cup. He says you talks good, but I am not interested. Pinky makes him wear ring given by Ram and asks him to take pic and send to her Papa. He sees Megha going from there. Gita asks her to have food. Megha says food must be like Pinky. Gita scolds Pinky. Gagan stops Megha and tells that everything is fake with Pinky. He praises her looks and is about to hug her, when he sees Pinky coming out of house and hides with Megha. He then sees Nalini and Amma coming there and hide Megha. He gets up and goes inside. Amma and Nalini talk about Ram. Amma says when he gave me kidney, I thought he will give me love and respect, but it is costly thing for her. Gagan comes to them and greets them. Nalini apologizes for coming without informing them. Pinky picks the plates from the table. Gagan’s mother asks what to do as his friends made plan to go without informing him. Pinky asks him not to care for them who don’t value him.

Gita sees them coming and acts taking plates from Pinky’s hands. She asks them to sit and says Pinky is like their daughter. Pinky asks Amma how is she? Amma says I am fine. Gita asks why you didn’t come for reception. Nalini says Amma was unwell. Amma tells that they will sit in Pinky’s room and talk. Gita asks them to sit and talk in hall. She tells that Pinky doesn’t know how to work and she has spoiled her mobile, Gagan’s laptop and Dal.

Nalini says we brought medicine for her. Kanchan brings tea. Amma writes something on the paper and gives to Pinky. Amma asks Pinky if she is saying right. Pinky pretends to fall and writes that she made Megha lose in the game. Amma asks if Gita is troubling her and passes the note to Pinky, when Gita takes the plate. Pinky shouts saying she saw cockroach. Gita keeps the plate on the sofa and Amma takes the chit and gives to Pinky. Pinky reads it. Nalini gives toe rings to Pinky and makes her wear it. She says one of the toe ring is broken and tells that she will get it repaired and will give tomorrow. Gita says she will get it repaired. Amma gives her phone to pinky, but Gita returns it saying they will get her a new phone. Gagan says he has ordered new smartphone for her. Amma asks Pinky to convince Gagan. Gita asks Gagan to be careful with Amma.

Pinky cries and thinks she couldn’t convince Gagan. She overhears Gagan booking honeymoon suite for him and her and gets happy. She comes to room and asks if he wants to say something. Gagan says he will not be available tomorrow. Pinky gets ready to go. Gagan and Megha reach the hotel and gets welcomed by the manager. Poonam informs Arjun that Nandu haven’t returned home. Gagan’s brother helps Pinky to leave from home. He says he will take her to hotel. Nandu comes to Gagan’s house and rings the bell. Gagan’s mother calls Pinky and her servants to open the door. She then goes to open the door, when nobody comes. Nandu asks where is Maasi, says she wants to meet her. Gita asks who is she? Nandu says she is Nandini, Arjun’s daughter. She calls Maasi. Gita asks if Arjun is the one who did dangal in the marriage. Nandu says her Appa didn’t do anything and calls Pinky. Gita asks her to stop and says I will take you to room. Gita hears the shower sound and says she must be taking bath. She asks Nandu to go and asks for her Papa’s number. Nandu tells Police officer’s number. Gita ends the call and asks her to tell the correct number. Nandu asks her to let her sit and wait for Pinky.

Pinky comes to the hotel room from behind the door of the hotel room and thanks the waiter. Waiter says welcome. Gagan and Megha are coming there. Pinky likes the room and eats strawberry kept there. She thinks she is looking good today,full first class and says Gagan ji will accept me today. She asks God not to let anything happen today.

Precap: Pinky hears Gagan and Megha getting romantic and Gagan talking bad about her and Ram. She gets angry and asks him not to utter any work against her Papa.

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