Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 21st September 2020 Written Update

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 21st September 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 21st September 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naati saying Arjun loves me, he has told his feelings. Sunny says we should inform this plan’s mastermind. He goes to make a call. Arjun’s mum gets angry and says she is oversmart, I will not leave her. Arjun smiles thinking of Pinky. He thinks Pinky is the reason that Nandu and my lives are filled with happiness. Bua asks what are you saying. Sunny says yes, I m saying the truth. Bua says I will come there and meet Pinky. She thanks Lord and says Pinky’s love story started. Arjun calls and says the house should be romantically decorated, I m going to propose someone. Sunny hears him and says he learnt many things from me. Pinky comes to Arjun and hands over a shirt. Nandu comes and does mischief. Arjun and Pinky see each other. Nandu asks them to give her a kiss. She gets back and laughs. Arjun goes. Bua comes and says I m very happy for you, your goos time starts, live your every moment. Sunny says good time will come, I heard Arjun’s proposing plans. Bua gets happy.

Pinky’s mum angrily takes a gun and says I will end the reason by which this started. She stops Arjun. Sunny says Pinky’s love story will be set. Bua asks is there any tension, what happened. Pinky says I wish mum and dad were with me, how are they. Bua says they are fine, just don’t worry, we will also plan a surprise for Arjun. Pinky’s mum asks Arjun to shoot her. He stops her. She says doctor said Pinky’s dad isn’t fine, he may get a stroke, if anything happens to him, I can’t live, Pinky has to break relation with you and come back to us, she won’t listen, I beg you, give us Pinky back, tell me.

Pinky sees the romantic decorations. Door bell rings. Pinky goes to check. The man delivers Arjun’s parcel. She gets the ring. Bua says we shall see the ring. Pinky says once Arjun comes. Sunny and Bua insist her to wear the ring. Pinky wears the ring. Bua says its beautiful. Arjun comes there. Pinky smiles. Arjun sees the ring box empty. He sees Pinky wearing the ring.

He takes the ring from her finger. He smiles seeing someone. A lady comes. Arjun goes on knees and proposes the lady. The lady says yes, I will marry you. Pinky, Bua and Sunny get shocked. Arjun says meet Parul, the love of my life. Pinky says you are lying, you told I love you to me. He says you don’t know me, she is my childhood friend. Pinky says maybe but… Parul says I know you Lavanya, sorry, Arjun loves me. Pinky says its a matter of husband and wife. Parul says marriage happened by cheat. Arjun scolds Pinky and asks her to leave. Pinky cries and says he is lying, he told me he loves me. Bua says yes, he told me that he loves you, don’t cry, don’t lose courage. Arjun goes and cries. He says I had no other option. He sees Pinky crying and thinks I m hurting you a lot.

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