Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 23rd September 2020 Written Update

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 23rd September 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 23rd September 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Paro telling that if she likes something then gets it. Pinky says Arjun ji is not a thing. She says we will talk later, but first drink tea. They sip a tea and dislike the taste. Paro says it is good. Pinky says yes. Arjun opens his tiffin and sees burnt Paratha. He thinks what did Paro make? He finds the note written by Pinky that Paro made it with much hardwork, asks him to eat else she will feel bad. He eats it and serves green tea or juice. He finds it bitter and makes faces. Antra tells Pinky that she did right by making him eat the burnt food. Pinky says I shall make something for him. Antra looks at her. Pinky says who will feed him once I am gone and tells that let him eat the burnt food. Antra tells that love is seen in her eyes clearly and tells that she will win in the end. Pinky tells that she just wants Arjun and Nandu’s happiness and it is my win. Antra hugs her.

Paro takes out clothes from Ananya’s cupboard. Nandu asks who are you and why are you emptying my mom’s cupboard. Paro tells that she is Pari and says hi. She says this is life’s rule to forget the ones who are not in this world and make place for new ones. Nandu asks what are you saying and tries to pull her saree, it tears. Paro asks what is your problem to give me cupboard when I am coming here as your would be mother. Nandu is shocked. Arjun comes there and hears Paro shouting at Nandu. Nandu asks Arjun, what she is saying? She says I hate you and goes. Pinky goes behind her. Paro says sorry to Arjun. Arjun says you couldn’t do one thing. Paro complains to him about Nandu. Arjun says you would have kept your stuff in other cupboard. Paro tells that Ananya is not alive, so I thought to keep my stuff here. Arjun asks did you find only this cupboard. Paro says I am your would be wife and asks if this cupboard is not hers. Arjun says even Pinky never said this. He goes out. Nandu hugs Pinky and tells that she will go with her. Arjun calls Nandu and asks her to come. Pinky says if you cry like this then a storm will come. She says when Ms. Lata got unwell then what happened? Nandu says other teacher. Pinky says now the latter is your favorite teacher. She tells that she has become your favorite as you have given her chance. Nandu says there is a difference between teacher and mother. Pinky tells that Paro is your Appa’s college friend and tells that she can tell you so much about him. Paro comes there and asks Nandu to come to her. Nandu doesn’t go. Paro comes to Nandu and tells that they used to do masti in the college. They have bunked college once and went to see play and he was even in band. Nandu asks Pinky if she knew about this. Paro says Pinky doesn’t know so much about him, like I know. She asks him to play guitar which she had gifted him. Revati says she said right. Paro asks Arjun to play guitar. He brings guitar and asks what to play? Pinky says tu nazm nazm saa….Paro says yeh moh moh ke dhaage…….and asks him to play this.

Arjun plays music and sings the song. Pinky smiles…..Everyone claps for Arjun. Paro says I told you that your Appa plays guitar nicely. Nandu asks what else you do Appa. Paro says I will tell you. Pinky listens to them and gets up to go from there, but Nandu holds her hand.

Revati tells Paro that she always wanted Arjun to marry her, but Naati Pinky came and ruined everything. She asks her not to feel insecure and win Nandu and Arjun’s heart. She tells that she will help her. Paro tells that she doesn’t need her help as Arjun brought her here. Revati tells that Arjun brought you here, but his heart is with Pinky still and he loves Nandu a lot. Paro asks what is the plan? Revati looks on. She calls Pandit and asks him to fix Arjun and Paro’s marriage and tells that their kundali match. Antra comes, collides with Revati and the papers falls down. Antra picks it and asks what is happening? Revati says Kundalis will be checked. Antra says I will also watch this fun. Pinky tells that Arjun ji doesn’t believe all this. Arjun tells the same and asks them to go ahead. Pandit ji checks the kundali and tells that he has never seen such kundali before, tells that they should have married by now. Revati says I always wanted, but time came now. Pandit ji says Lavanya Kashyap and Arjun are made for each other. Revati says you mean Parvati Iyenger. Pandit ji says no, Pinky and Arjun. Antra tells that the kundalis might be swapped when I collided with you. Revati calls her shameless to change the kundalis. Antra says you are shameless to get your son remarried and even your son is shameless to marry other girl. Pinky asks her not to say anything against Arjun. Antra goes from there.

Revati asks Pandit ji to check Parvati and Arjun’s kundalis. Pandit ji checks the kundalis and tells that if they get married, then there will be a problem to Parvati’s husband. Arjun asks what nonsense? Pinky asks about the solution. Pandit ji says I have it, but it is difficult. He asks Parvati to chant mahamrityunjay’s jaap and then write Om on temple wall with kumkum, 501 times. He asks her to chant the mantras fast. Parvati says it is going to be evening soon. Arjun says I don’t believe on all this. Pinky says I believe this and tells that she will do this jaap. She says I believe that positive energy comes with it. Revati says Arjun’s wife will do this. Paro says ok. Pinky says I will tell you all the vidhis and will be with you.

Precap: Revati mixes sedatives in coffee. While Pinky is telling Paro about the mantras, she falls asleep. Pinky says no matter mantra jaap needs to be completed. Later when Arjun comes home, Revati says Pinky did every thing because she put Paro to sleep by mixing something in her coffee. Paro says what? Pinky asks why she would do that. Revati says that means she’s lying? She asks Pinky to drink coffee and prove it.

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