Nach Baliye 9 12th October 2019 Written Update

Nach Baliye 9 12th October 2019 Written Update by Amena

Nach Baliye 9 12th October 2019 Written Episode

The little dancing stars perform and begin the show. Jai Jai Shiv Shankar….plays….

Manish tells about the theme, Trishakti, the couples will be performing with kids. Ahmed and Raveena tell about the two chances given to the jodis, the one who loses will get zero scores. Manish tells about the game changing battle. The scores for bottom three Jodis won’t get revealed after the performances.

Jodi No. 9 Shantanu and Nityami with Tejas
They perform on the song Manma emotion lage…. from the movie Dilwale.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Shantanu, you have done it so well, it wasn’t that Tejas was doing it, you were assisting him like a partner, Nityami you were sportingly so well collaborated, I m so happy to see pure hip hop

dance, fantastic.
Raveena: After a long time, I felt Shantanu is in his own element, Nityami looks fantastic, I loved the act entirely.
Tejas gives a challenge to Shantanu.
Scores: Raveena 90/90, Ahmed 90/90.

Jodi No. 6 Vishal and Madhuri with Dipali
They dance on the song Ala Barfi… from the movie Barfi.
Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: You all are dressed up like Charlie Chaplin, what a beautiful act, I have to do a drop dead.
Ahmed: Charlie Chaplin did comedy, but he was very aggressive, he never smiled, it was constant, it was mesmerizing, beautiful, you both are made for each other, I m realizing this, Dipali really cried, true artist, Vishal when you died, you were not breathing till the act got over.
Scores: Raveena 90/90, Ahmed 90/90

Jodi No. 10 Saurabh and Riddhima with Ridesh.
They perform on the song Ala re ala Simba Ala…. from the movie Simba.

Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: Your timing, position, perfection… its fantastic, I liked the choreography and dance, it was entertaining.
Ahmed: Our Indian police job is tough, they need nothing, they just need a salute from us, you guys were beautiful.

Scores doesn’t get revealed. Ahmed says you are bottom three because of low votes from public.

Jodi No. 8 Aly and Natasha with Gaurav.
They perform on Shiva Tandav… Jata tavi galajjala pravaha pavitasthale ….

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Beautiful work, costumes, look was electrifying, Gaurav had a unit in between, fantastic move, Natasha and Aly, you need to stop at the beat correctly, it should be sharp, I want Aly to do it well next time.
Raveena: Everything was very well choreographed, I felt you both should have more dance steps, I felt you were not synchronized, Gaurav is a strong performer, he has stolen the thunder, we told that we will not judge over the kids’ performances, I m expecting much more.

Scores: Raveena 79/90, Ahmed 72/90.

Rajkummar Rao and Mouni Roy grace the show. They perform on Aye, do you know…. Odhni ude ude re…. from the movie Made in China.

Jodi No. Shraddha and Alam with Saksham.
They perform on the song Sab tera….. from the movie Baaghi.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Saksham, I want to give you a kiss, I had shot this song, this is better than what I shot, Vaibhav I liked the constant dancing, it was so emotional, there was dance, romance, it was so lovely.
Raveena: Saksham you looked so cute, I feel that rose is for you, I m coming to give that to you.
Scores doesn’t get revealed. The jodi is in bottom three. They aren’t safe today.

Jodi No. 7 Anita and Rohit with Jayshree
They perform on the song Love you Zindagi… from the movie Dear Zindagi.
Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Jayshree, you are very flexible, you are so pretty, it was a beautiful act, this is what I call, assisting but dancing, you have woman power in you.
Raveena: You chose a great topic, India is recognized by women today, very sweet act.

Scores: Raveena 80/90, Ahmed 82/90. Average 81/90

Jodi No. 5 Prince and Yuvika with Jai
They perform on the song Dil se re…. from the movie Dil se.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: I wanted to see more dancing of Prince and Yuvika, I can see them as winners.
Raveena: We were waiting for Prince and Yuvika to break the stage, you can’t let us down.

Ahmed and Raveena tell about one elimination done by contestants choice. Everyone votes to eliminate Privika. Prince and Yuvika’s journey comes to an end.

The Jodis perform. Manish announces the Double elimination.

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