Nach Baliye 9 27th October 2019 Written Update

Nach Baliye 9 27th October 2019 Written Update by Amena

Nach Baliye 9 27th October 2019 Written Episode

NawazUddin Siddiqui and Athiya Shetty come on the show and join the Semi finals fun.

Jodi No. 8 Aly and Natasha

They dance on the song Mera Haq Hai… from the film Kabir Singh.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Great Job, the concept was so pretty, the swap at the end was the shock, pretty good Natasha, keep it up.
Raveena: It was a sweet love story of a Ballerina doll and joker, it was a beautiful act, God bless you both.
Nawaz: It was very nice, thanks, it was fun to watch.
Athiya: I liked the concept, Natasha you look beautiful, your dance was more beautiful.
Scores get locked for them.

Jodi No. 1 Shraddha and Alam
They dance on the song Har kisi ko…..from the film Boss.


Raveena: Alam, tell me one thing, how do you present the ring.
Alam proposes Shraddha and makes her wear a ring.
Raveena: This is semi finals round, its going to decide our finalists, your performance was good, there was some mistake, but the rest of the performance was too good.
Athiya: I liked it a lot, so congratulations.
Nawaz: Both were great.
Scores get locked.
Nawaz organizes a date for Vishal and Madhurima. They speak good about each other. Vishal apologizes to Madhurima.

Jodi No. 9 Shantanu and Nityami
They dance on the song Sau Dard Hai…. from the film Jaanemann.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Shantanu, you have done it so well, superb.
Raveena: I think it was fantastic, its like a warning for other contestants.
Nawaz: I m speechless watching Shantanu’s amazing performance, your Jodi looks good, slim and lovely.
Athiya: You have reached here despite the injury, I hope you reach the trophy and win, all the best.
Scores get locked for them.

Jodi No. 5 Prince and Yuvika
They dance on the song Kisse puchun….from the film Shanghai.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: The entire act that happened on the stage was mesmerizing, in terms of concept and choreographer, this see saw took us to another world, this is a shining example of team work, I was lost for some time, this is high level art, blending these two things is difficult, it was brilliant.
Raveena: What an act, it was unbelievable, we didn’t know this can happen on stage, we can create it on film, but on stage, its superb.
Scores: Prince and Yuvika get a hi5.

Jodi No. 7 Rohit and Anita.
They dance on the song O Rasiya…. from the film Kurbaan.
They get a standing ovation.
Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: Oh my God, you both have lit fire on the stage, it was amazing, the act was so fantastic.
Ahmed: Postures was nice, there was beautiful choreography, everything was so beautiful.
Scores: They get a hi5.

Ahmed gets a surprise from his wife Shaira for his career’s silver jubilee. Ahmed meets his children. Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff applaud Ahmed for his 25 years in the industry. Nach choreographers pay a dance tribute to Ahmed.

Jodi No. 6 Vishal and Madhurima
They dance on the song Zindagi Ka Paintra… from the film Mukkabaaz.
They get a standing ovation.
Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: This was dangerous, not because of the avatar but the energy, you broke the stage, explosive.
Ahmed: The last part on the wheel, you have different expressions everytime, I was dumbstruck, amazing.
Scores get locked.

Ahmed reveals the scores for the two bottom Jodis. The safe Jodi with 95% is Prince and Yuvika. Shraddha and Alam becomes the next low scorer Jodi. Vishal and Madhurima await their scores. Raveena announces Shraddha and Alam’s scores 92.3%. Ahmed reveals the safe Jodi, Vishal and Madhurima with scores 95%.

Grand Finale Episode next week with top 5 finalists.

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