Nach Baliye 9 29th September 2019 Written Update

Nach Baliye 9 29th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Nach Baliye 9 29th September 2019 Written Episode

Tiger dances with the contestants on his War movie song Jai Jai Shiv Shankar.

Jodi No. 9 Shantanu and Nityami
They perform on the song Hat Ja Re Chokre…. from the movie Chillar Party.
Judges’ comments:
Tiger: I can see you had an injury, the way you danced, hats off, I follow Shantanu, desi hoppers, I would like to give you a Wardaan.
Ahmed: Senior citizens, don’t try this at home, this performance made a thunder strike the stage, beautiful job.

Tiger gives them his team Wardaan, black hats of immunity.
Scores gets locked for them.

Jodi No. 1 Shraddha and Alam
They perform on the song Jag Soona lage…. from the movie Om Shanti Om.

Judges’ Comments:
Tiger: Hats

off for this performance, love has won in this war.
Raveena: I really loved this act, it touched my heart.
Ahmed: It had much passion, it affected us, dance moves dance so beautifully, I know few things are very tough, you blinded the people, that was the masterstroke.
Scores get locked.
Tiger challenges Maniesh for the dance. Ahmed declares Tiger as the winner of the challenge. Maniesh also gets the Wardaan black hat.

Jodi No. 7 Rohit and Anita
They dance on the song Lag jaa gale…. from the movie Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3.

Judges’ Comments:
Tiger: This performance touched my heart, I m happy that you are in my team.
Ahmed: Every single poster was so good, Anita didn’t think of anything, Rohit never left Anita’s hand, this is love.
Raveena: Anuradha please come on the stage, you brought sensitivity in the song, congrats, Anita and Rohit were so fantastic, I felt Anita has connection with this incident.

Tiger gives them Wardaan.
The scores get locked.

Tiger gives a dance challenge to Yuvika and Natasha. He gives them funny situations. Yuvika and Natasha fulfill the challenge.

Tiger goes for a break. Hrithik and Vaani come back on the stage.
Armaan Malik performs on his first break up song from the album Tootey Khaab.

Jodi No. 6 Vishal and Madhurima
They perform on the song Lahu Muh Lag gaya…. from the movie Ramleela.
They stop performing on the song midway.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: I want to ask Vishal, didn’t he lift right or was her timing wrong.
Vishal: She forgot it and couldn’t connect.
Ahmed: Its not okay, she wanted to do it, she tried, you didn’t try, you didn’t think its important, was that attitude.
Vishal: It wasn’t an attitude, the performance spoiled, I didn’t know how to pick it.
Ahmed: I have danced 5000 times and this happened with me, I know where to leave and pick, we are connected to you, it was going so well, it was 1 % mistake, today you have become zero for me, it didn’t look nice at all, you aborted the performance because of one mistake, can such a small thing destroy you, I will give minus 100.
Raveena: I don’t think there can be marks for you, you worked hard, let us give them a chance to perform, go ahead and perform, don’t expect marks from judges.

Vishal and Madhurima perform once again.
Raveena cheers for them. Everyone applauds for them.

Ahmed: Vishal, if you completed this act, you would have got a hi5 for this, your eyelocks were beautiful.
Vishal: We are an unexpected couple, I liked that you scolded me, I felt like family, thanks Ahmed Sir.
Hrithik: I have heard a lot about you, I hope things are better now.
Raveena: Act was beautiful, well done Yash, I will do a drop dead for you, you all deserve it.
No Scores for Virima.

Shantanu requests Hrithik for performing a dance move.

Scores for Shantanu and Nityami. Average 91.5
Scores for Shraddha and Alam: Average 93
Scores for Anuj and Urvashi: Average 97.5
Scores for Anita and Rohit: They get a hi5.

Manish tells about the average scores of judges and audience. The jodi with the lowest scores will be eliminated this week. Raveena declares Jodi No. 13 Avinash and Palak as the eliminated Jodi.
Team Hrithik Average Scores: 74.69
Team Tiger Average Scores: 95.5
Team Tiger wins the War. They decide to put one Jodi of the Team Hrithik in the danger zone. They nominate Virima for the bottom risk.

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