Nach Baliye 9 5th October 2019 Written Update

Nach Baliye 9 5th October 2019 Written Update by Amena

Nach Baliye 9 5th October 2019 Written Episode

Ahmed tells about the fifty-fifty challenge, where the all the jodis will have one of the partner doing the solo. He tells voting lines are closed and just the judges will be giving the scores, there will be eliminations as well.

Jodi No. 10 Saurabh and Riddhima.
Riddhima comes for the solo dance performance. She dances on the song Kesariya balam…. Holi me uda re gulal….

Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: My eyes were just seeing Saurabh, who was jumping happily seeing your dance. Riddhima, your innocence appears always, I just loved it.
Ahmed: Why did Saurabh cry?
Saurabh: Its a proud moment for me, Riddhima had worked as a software engineer, she stayed at home after having children, her confidence got less, when I see her perform

now, I feel proud of her.
Ahmed: Riddhima, you have danced so well, movements, precision, positions, beautiful, welcome to the world of dance.
Scores: They get a hi5.
Jodi. No. 9 Shantanu and Nityami
Shantanu comes for the performance on the song Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi…. from the Aashiqui 2.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Solo act, I had to see some tricks, you held your heel and did that, it was so clean, you are good, superb.
Raveena: Call that kid who was with you.
The boy tells his name Navjot Singh.
Raveena: Navjot you danced so well, I liked the story and concept, Shantanu you are the king when it comes to solos.

Shantanu’s fans dedicate a performance to him on Ladki beautiful … Kar gayi chull…. and medley songs.

Scores: Raveena 47/50, Ahmed 48/50. Average 47.5/50

Jodi No. 3 Anuj and Urvashi
Urvashi comes for her solo performance. They performs on the song Hai raat me nasha tera tera…. from the movie Baahubali.

Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: It was an amazing act, your costumes, lighting, look were grand, I feel you missed a bit, we love you any way, so all the best.
Ahmed: This is one of those acts, it was a visual treat, I felt choreographer has cracked it, it was so beautiful, Urvashi we are willing to give a hi5.
Scores: Raveena 49/50, Ahmed 49/50. Average 49/50.

Jodi No. 8 Aly and Natasha
Natasha comes for her solo performance on the song Aa re pritam pyaare…. from the movie Rowdy Rathore.
Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: Natasha has burnt the dance floor, she has done everything gracefully, it was like poetry on stage.
Ahmed: Its a desi item song, it needs much energy, you didn’t drop the energy and did it very well.
Scores: Raveena 48/50, Ahmed 46/50. Average 47/50.

Jodi No 5. Yuvika and Prince
Yuvika comes for her performance on the song Sapna Jahan…. from the movie Brothers.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: You were beautiful in the act, the compliment goes to your parents, the growth of a father, it was too touchy to see, a father had to tolerate a lot in the world, he tolerates it for family.
Scores: Raveena 48/50, Ahmed 43/50. Average 45.5/50

Jodi No. 7 Rohit and Anita.
Rohit comes for his solo performance on the song Husn Hai Suhana…. from the movie Coolie No. 1.

Judges’ Comments:
Ahmed: Anu, you nicely conceptualized, Rohit well done, you were alone, Anita is a great actor, she plays with expressions, you missed her.
Raveena: You did complicated lifts, that triple lift and tower, fantastic.
Scores: Raveena 49/50, Ahmed 45/50. Average 47/50

Jodi No 6 Vishal and Madhurima
Madhurima comes for her performance on the song Raabta…. from the movie Agent Vinod.

Judges’ Comments:
Raveena and Ahmed ask the little girl Urva about her age. They praise Urva and Madhurima.
Ahmed: It was a fantastic performance, we say its a good news, a baby is coming, a family is going to form, a child gives birth to a mum.
Raveena: When my daughter was born, I realized about my mum, I used to think how I behaved with my mum, I apologized to her for all the pain I had given her, as children we don’t realize, Urva deserves a drop dead.

Scores: Raveena 46/50, Ahmed 48/50. Average 47.

Jodi No. 8 Shraddha and Alam
Alam comes for his solo performance on Bulleya song from the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Judges’ Comments:
Raveena: I loved the act, you did justice with it, but I missed little bit of dancing.
Ahmed: Its a changed Alam, you danced with the group for the first time, very well done.
Scores: Raveena 40/50, Ahmed 40/50. Average 40/50

The solo performances continue.

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