Nadaan Parindey 19th September 2014 Written Update

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Nadaan Parindey 19th September 2014 Written Update by Amena

Nadaan Parindey 19th September 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mama coming home and talks to Bebe. He says he did not think this would happen. He says Purab has not left me. Bebe defends Purab. She asks him to forgive Purab. Mama tells about Iqbal’ goodness who did not tell the officer about the home secret, he saved everything. Nimmi comes with Minty’s proposal. Everyone is shocked. Mama says Purab did a mistake and he has to regret. Minty comes to them and says she will not marry Purab. Nimmi scolds her. Minty tells them she was wrong before and realized her mistake. She says Meher warned her so many times, but she dies not listen to her. She asks Nimmi to understand that it will be good for her if they end her marriage talk here. Channi smiles.

Minty hugs Meher and cries. She apologizes to Meher and says she is happy to take a right decision today. She asks Nimmi not to worry, and she will leave now. Nimmi cries and hugs her. Iqbal does his packing. Bebe comes and asks where is he going. He says his work is over, he got the data from the file. She says will you cheat this country and mum, this land is your birth place. She says don’t go cheating me, I wanted to hug you always. He cries and says my land is that one, where I grew up, you tell me how can I cheat them, if I don’t give them this info, then Sameer can’t come back, it’s a deal between me and Malik. She says try something else. He says no, they won’t listen.

She says she can’t bear this cheating. She says she wants him to not cheat the country. Rabba…………….plays……………She says she wants the price for her love. Iqbal and Bebe cry. He hugs her. He says fine, I will agree to you, what you asked me, I will give you. He gives his phone to her. He says keep this and pray that your both sons come infront of your eyes, be alive. She cries and hugs her. Haye Rabba ve…………..plays……………He says enough now, don’t show much love, else I can’t leave, Sameer is waiting for me there, I have to hug him too. She says meet Meher once before leaving. He says no, don’t ask me this, please, tell her that she should forget me and love Sameer. He says Sameer will teach her to love him, she will be happy. He takes his bag and says Khuda Hafiz. He leaves. Bebe runs after him asking him to stop. Meher sees her and stops Bebe.

She asks where are you running, what happened. Bebe says Iqbal went to bring back Sameer. Meher is shocked and runs after him. Bebe says stop Meher. Iqbal calls Mehtaab and says he is coming. Mehtaab says you are doing right, you won’t be called a traitor. Iqbal says how will we free Sameer without the file, Malik won’t leave Sameer. Mehtaab says we have to free him, I will kill Malik. Iqbal says no, you won’t do this, I have a plan, I will meet you in morning. He cuts the border line and goes across. Meher comes there shouting Iqbal. He stops hearing her.

Meher shouts Iqbal and cries. Iqbal says forgive me Meher, its true I love you, but we can’t be together. He says settle down with my brother. He leaves. Meher says come back Iqbal and cries standing at the border line. Mehtaab comes to meet Sameer and talks to the jailer. He says my nephew is with me, he also wants to meet him. The jailer says fine, but you will be in supervision. Mehtaab says fine.

Mehtaab and Iqbal come to meet Sameer in the cell. Iqbal beats the security guard. Sameer asks who is this. Iqbal shows his face. Sameer is shocked seeing him. Mehtaab smiles. Iqbal and Sameer look at each other and smile. Sameer says Veer ji. Rabba………………..plays………………… Iqbal hugs him with intense emotions. Sameer says we look so same same, we are so unlucky as we did not stay together and today we met to get away again. Iqbal says its fine, don’t take it on heart, if I stay alive, I will come to meet you, come on, go fast, Meher and Bebe are waiting for you. Sameer hugs him and cries. Iqbal says hurry up. Mehtaab says yes, change clothes fast.

Sameer asks what about you Veer ji, till when will you be here. Iqbal says don’t worry, I cheated death since childhood, and this time I won’t let it win. He hugs Sameer and cries. Iqbal says now go. Mehtaab brings Sameer out. Sameer holds Iqbal’s hand and cries. They leave. Iqbal cries and says see Bebe, I have fulfilled the promise I made to you. He says Meher, forgive me, Lord keep you happy always. Meher sits at the border till morning. Bebe comes to her. Bebe says come home. Meher says no, he will come back. Bebe says no, he won’t come back, he is gone. Meher cries and hugs her. Rabba……………….plays……………

Meher prays to send Iqbal back. Sameer is coming back home.

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