Nadaan Parindey 26th September 2014 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Nadaan Parindey 26th September 2014 Written Update by Amena

Nadaan Parindey 26th September 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meher coming home. She gets angry n herself as she has become a widow now and Iqbal is dead. Bebe tries to calm her and cries. Bebe tells everything to Mama and Channi. She says she can’t let Sameer’s life get ruined, Meher is adamant and she can ruin everything now. Channi asks Bebe to calm down. Mama says we have a way. He says Sameer and Meher are married infront of the world, so now Sameer should marry her. Sameer says what, we can’t force Meher. Bebe says yes, but will she agree in this state, will her parents agree. Mama says Meher is ours, we will decide after she says yes, we can’t tell this to Mangal and Nimmi, they will not understand, no need to tell them.

He says how will Meher wear widow’s clothes when Sameer is here, she should be here being Sameer’s wife. Channi says yes, we should talk to her. Bebe says yes, but first let her take some time. Meher gets vomiting. Bebe comes to her. She asks what happened. Meher says she is not feeling well. Bebe says you don’t have fever, then why. Sameer hears them. Bebe asks her not to have burden on her mind. She asks her to take rest. She says we will go to doctor. Sameer says we will get the doctor and leaves.

Bebe takes Meher to the room. The doctor comes and checks Meher. She says nothing happened to her, she is fine, its good news, she is pregnant. Bebe, Meher and Sameer are shocked. The doctor asks where is Sameer, he has to drop me to clinic. Bebe says he will come. Bebe smiles happily. She kisses Meher’s forehead. Meher says you will become Dadi. He says he will come back, he came. Bebe says you made me happy, you are going to be mum of Iqbal’s son, I will play with him, my happiness will be back. Sameer smiles.

Bebe goes. Sameer thanks Meher for getting happiness back in this house, and asks is she happy. Bebe comes and makes them have sweets. She asks him did he give fees to Sameer. He holds his head. He says he will go but on one condition. He says I want equal food as Meher. Bebe asks why. Sameer says as I will have to be strong to become the horse and make rounds with the baby. Bebe asks him to tell good news to everyone. He leaves. Meher smiles. Sameer tells the pind that Meher is becoming a mum and Bebe a grandmum. Everyone laugh and asks why don’t you say you are becoming a dad.

Mama and Channi come to Meher and bring Shagun. Channi asks Meher to not wear widow’s clothes. She says you gave happiness to us, a baby will be coming after many years. Mama asks her to give a father to the baby. He says we want Sameer to marry you, the child will get a father and you will get a support. Meher says she does not have place for colors and anyone. He says if she does not want, it will be as she wants. Bebe says we can’t tell everyone about Iqbal, Sameer is here and Meher can’t be like widow, what will Meher tell everyone. She says we can’t answer everyone, we will do the marriage at home.

Mama says Bebe loves Meher a lot and she won’t let her go from this house. He says its a tough life for a single young woman, we are old, till when will we support you. Meher says she will safeguard herself and go somewhere, but not give Iqbal’s place to someone else. Mama says fine, as you wish, but we can’t risk Sameer’s life and won’t like to see you as widow, you have to be like married woman and be like Sameer’s wife. Meher nods yes.

Meher says she won’t tell anyone that Iqbal came in her life. Rabba……………..plays…………….. Meher cries. Bebe takes good care of Meher in her pregnancy phase. Sameer and Meher stay happy. He take care of her and helps her in all the household work. Bebe stitches clothes for the baby. Meher says Bebe that she will make tea and goes. She falls off the stairs. Bebe shouts Meher. They bring her to hospital. Sameer and Bebe are worried. The doctor asks for O group blood. Sameer says my blood matches and goes to give blood. The doctor says Meher is very serious. Bebe cries.

The doctor says the baby is fine. Bebe thanks Lord. Sameer asks about Meher. The doctor says she is serious, she is sinking. Sameer asks her to save her. Sjhe says we are trying, Bebe and Sameer go to meet her. Meher asks for baby. Sameer says the baby is on other room. Bebe asks Meher to say. Meher holds their hands and asks Sameer to promise that he will take care of the baby. Sameer says yes, I will. Bebe says yes. Meher says Sameer………… Bebe asks Sameer to call doctor. He goes out and gets the doctor. Meher dies and doctor tells Bebe that she is no more, I m sorry. Bebe and Sameer are shocked. They cry. Rabba………………..plays………………..Meher is covered with the white sheet. Sameer takes care of the baby. Bebe asks what to name him. Sameer says his name will be Iqbal. Nadaan parindey ghar aaja………………plays……………. Bebe and Sameer smile seeing the baby.

No Precap. The show ended.

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  1. asmi
    February 18, 23:23 Reply

    I feel so sad. I jus wish for the second season.

  2. Annoymus
    February 04, 18:08 Reply

    Why kill meher at the end no point

  3. shivangi
    September 29, 00:27 Reply

    drastically bad… heartly waiting for iqbal to come.
    ending leave us in a shock to cry

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