Nadaan Parindey 9th September 2014 Written Update

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Nadaan Parindey 9th September 2014 Written Update by Amena

Nadaan Parindey 9th September 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bebe coming to Iqbal. She says I know what is troubling you. Iqbal says its time to tell the truth to Meher. Bebe says she will lose trust on us. He says she will know it one day, why not now, how more should I keep her far, she feels bad when I move her away from me. He says why did I come here, to hurt my loved ones. I have complicated things, I m not bad, I m a true warrior of my country, a good son, I have a heart, I did not make anyone cry without any reason. He says see what I did, I used my mum, dad, brother and even my Bhabhi. I should have not come here. Bebe hugs him and cries. She says if you did not come here, you would have not met your mum.

She says I would have not met my son, are you not happy to meet me, and Sameer met his dad. She says Sameer loves Purab a lot. She says if you did not come here, how would he know he has a brother too. She asks can you be without meeting Sameer. Iqbal says you think we will meet each other. She says you promised me and I m sure you will fulfill it. She says what does Lord want, he knows, and what he did was his wish, he had to unite us, I m thankful to Lord and lets leave everything on him. Iqbal cries and says no Bebe, we have to do something for Meher.

He says I m responsible for Meher’s pain. He says he did not think his mum will be alive and I will have a brother, who looks like me and his fiancée, whose life I ruined. I did all wrong Bebe, I have to all things right, this should be in between me, you and Sameer, we should keep Meher out of this. Bebe says Meher is part of my house, she will get to know this, get back Sameer, once he comes back, this matter will be solved. She is smart and will understand and take her decision. She asks him not to worry. She says she is going Gurudwara and Dargah to pray for Meher.

Meher makes tiffins ready and asks Iqbal to give to Channi and Mama. She says its good Purab is fine, if anything happenes to him, then Mama would have…………She says now everything is fine. He looks at her and says you go and meet your dad once, he might be upset. She says Minty is very strong, she will not cry. She says she will call and talk to them. She says many good things happened. She says shall we go out. He is stunned. She says I need a change. She says now we should start our new life, as everything is clear between you and Bebe. He is shocked and leaves by giving an excuse.

Iqbal comes to Channi and says Meher has sent the tiffin, and how is Purab. Channi says fine. Iqbal says you have food, I will sit with Purab. Purab is unable to get up. Iqbal comes and helps him. Purab smiles and signs enough. Purab apologizes for his mistake and says I m elder, but you showed me greatness, I failed, I did many mistakes. Iqbal says mind fails in heart matters, human is not right or wrong, situation is good or bad. He says what we do, we feel we are right, but time teaches us a lesson. He says you always gave me love being an elder brother, I know you will give love always.

Iqbal and Purab cry. Purab says he has ashamed his parents, broke Minty’s heart and became a criminal for Meher. He says I have been a traitor. He says he will win everyone’s trust again. Iqbal says promise me you will manage the home and bless the younger ones, so that they give you love and respect, forget everything. Purab asks will you be able to forgive me. Iqbal says I forgot it. He kisses Purab’s hand and says I still respect and love you Veer ji. Purab promises him that he will do his every duty as his eyes have opened now. He says I won’t get a brother like you, you saved me. Purab feels pain. Iqbal hugs him. He asks Purab to take rest.

Bebe comes to the Dargah. Ya Maula……………….plays………………She prays for Meher and to get back Sameer. Mehtaab meets Sameer. Sameer holds his hand. Mehtaab asks do you wish to talk to Bebe again. Sameer says yes, I wish to, but I know its risky to make me talk to her. He says I got much love from Bebe. He cries and says I always had loneliness in me, as I missed my dad. Mehtaab cries. Sameer says he wanted missed his dad and complained to Lord why does he not have any dad. He asys Mama used to take care of me, and sometimes Purab. Mehtaab asks does Purab love you so much. Sameer thinks how Purab shot him.

He says Purab would have told me he loved Meher, I would have backed out and got them married. I did not know even I love her. He tells Mehtaab everything how he fell in love with Meher. He says he joined army for Meher. He says I know she will be waiting for me. Rabba…………….plays……………. He says he will go back and hug Bebe and then Meher, no one can separate us. Mehtaab says yes. Sameer smiles.

Meher tells Bebe that she did not feel he is Sameer. Iqbal comes and says yes you are right, I m not Sameer, I m Iqbal, from across the border, Meher asks what is this joke Sameer. Iqbal says this is the truth, I m Iqbal Khan. She is shocked. Bebe looks on.

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