Nagarjun 30th June 2016 Written Update

Nagarjun 30th June 2016 Written Update by MA

Nagarjun 30th June 2016 Written Episode

Yashoda rushes with family towards Pranali and sees her unconscious on floor. Arjun picks Pranalli in his lap and shakes to wake her up. He asks Maheshwar to do something. Maheshwar calls doctor. Doctor checks Pranali and says she is no more, she is killed by snake poison. Maheshwar says in 100 years, nobody died with snake bite. Doc says a girl died yesterday night with same symptoms, so SP Chaudry ordered to inform him if any case like this happens. Arjun says SP always increases common people’s problems, he will do badi maa’s last rights today itself. Doc says they cannot stop him from his duty. Arjun’s aunt asks why is he taking risk for an unknown lady. Arjun says he does not know who she is, but they are deeply related. Yashoda asks doc to do his duty and let Arjun
do his duty, his badi maa’s last rights will happen today.

Arjun with family takes Pranali’s deadbody for last right. Vasuki disguised as undertaker keeps wooden logs on Pranali’s dead body. Arjun starts last rights and cries vigorously. Vasuki gives him torch. Arjun gets afraid of fire and says he cannot. Yashoda says he has to. SP comes with his team and says they cannot perform last rights without postmortem and asks team to take dead body. Arjun pushes police and says nobody should touch his badi maa. SP says Yashoda and Maheshwar that he can understand their feelings, but it is police case and they need to stop their son. Yashoda says Arjun he has to perform his badi maa’s last rights today at any cost. SP orders team to pick body. Arjun pushes them all. SP takes out gun.

Astika orders his soldiers to bring Pranali’s deadbody. They say they cannot go between fire. Astika says he wants Pranali’s dead body at any cost and calls chief minister. Arjun warns SP to do his duty and let him do his duty and says he can shoot him if he wants, pointing gun at his forehead. SP gets CM’s call to back off. SP says Arjun he does not know how this happened, he will spy on him 24 x 7, and leaves with team. Maheshwar says he does not know how this happened, but he is thankful to whoever did it. Asthika smirks sitting on his seat.

Vasuki gives torch again to Arjun and he gets afraid. Vasuki says he has to hold it and gives him super powers to hold fire. Arjun picks torch and sets afire Pranali’s body.

SP gagthers his team at his home and tells if CM had not intervened, he would have killed Arjun. Rajveer/Shankchurn asks how is Arjun related to CM. SP says money powe, he knows Amroli people are blessed that snake will not bite them, he needs special investigation. Forest officer says they have not find a single snake around 100 kilometer radius. Doctor says all deaths are with strong snake poison. SP hands over file to Rajveer and asks to investigate how is Arjun related to all this. Rajveer sees Pranali’s pic and thinks how did she come here from naglok, only mom can answer now.

Astika meets Vasuki and says it is easy to fool humans, but not him. He can identify him with a glimpse. Vasuki says he knows you killed Pranali, but he will not inform Arjun. Astika asks if he will lie. Vasuki says hiding truth and telling lie is different. Arjun has burden of 3 worlds and he will hide truth for 3 worlds. Astika says Arjun’s human nature is powerful than snake/nag nature, so he cannot take him to naglok now, he will slowly gain his family’s trust and will fill poison in Arjun’s body. Vasuki says even if he uses his full powers and tries, he cannot change Arjun’s humanity.

Precap: Noorie falls from cliff. Arjun runs to save her. Mohini tells Shankchurn that Arjun is Astika’s human son. Shankchurn tells Arjun that SP has given Arjun’s and Noorie’s protection responsibility to him.

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