Nagarjun 31st May 2016 Written Update

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Nagarjun 31st May 2016 Written Update by MA

Nagarjun 31st May 2016 Written Episode

Serial takes a leap of 20 years where Arjun’s mother is seen praying. Her daughter comes in school uniform and greets good morning maa. Husband comes and asks her to wake up Arjun and scolds that she spoilt him. She says he has gone out already on job. A boy is seen washing bike in a garage. Garage owner scolds his son for reading film magazines and another sprays water on him. He scolds even washer boy. His son asks why he scolded when he is not working and scolded even Arjun when he is working. Washer boy shows his face and reaveals he is Arjun. He handles owner with his buttery talk and gets him busy in chess. He says he is going on a test drive.

Dakshak scolds Astika for not finding Vasuki and nagmani yet. Astika says he searched whole universe with his special powers, but did not find Vasuki or nagmani yet. His whole life is for naglok’s protection. Dakshak asks him to prove. Asthika’s nag son is seen hearing their discussion.

Arjun gets ready and says he is taking bike for a test drive. Owner scolds him to be careful and not ruin bike. He leaves and son tries to leave behind him, but owner scolds and orders to sit there.

A girl Noorie is seen traveling in car between tight army security. She asks driver to stop car. Her army chief father says no. She insists and applies brakes herself, gets out, and leaves in jeep. Assistant laughs that baby left. Dad slaps him and orders to go behind her.

Astika’s nag son badmouths about his father in front of Dakshak and says only he can get nagmani and will destroy prithvi lok to get mani. Dakshak says he is brahmastra and it is used at the end.

Noorie enjoys driving and sight seeing and sees officers following her on bikes. She says why don’t papa understand that she is not a kid, she suffocates at home. She sees police checkpost and stops jeep. She then sees Arjun coming on his bike and runs towards him. A few children run towards Arjun and ask him to get their kite. Arjun climbs bike and gets kite for them. Noorie gets mesmerized seeing his bravery. Arjun then leaves on his bike while she looks at him with mouth and eyes wide open. She then runs and stands in the middle of road. Arjun applies sudden brakes just missing ramming her. His bike jumps and takes U turn. She closes her eyes with hands in fear and removes it slowly. Arjun gets mesmerized with her beauty and they both stare each other’s face. A romantic song plays in the background. Noorie wakes him up and asks if he does not know to ride, if he does not apologize, she will inform police. He says he will. She asks him to take her on his bike, else police will catch her, continues blabbering. He takes her as pillion. She enjoys scenery. Vasuki comes there as a snake and sees Arjun from a distance. Also sadhu watches Arjun from a distance. Arjun sees him.

Precap: Vasuki touches Arjun’s feet and says it is time for him to become nagarjun. Asthika’s aide sees that and says he will inform Asthika. Vasuki kills him. Astika reaches there and says only Vasuki can kill like this, now Amroli will become his battlefield, big battle will happen now.

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