Namah 6th December 2019 Written Update

Namah 6th December 2019 Written Update by MA

Namah 6th December 2019 Written Episode

Samudradev performs Laxmi’s kanyadaan and hands her over to Narayan. Laxmi happily walks towards Narayan when Bali shouts Laxmi will go with him as Narayan promised to give amrith to asurs. Narayan gets sudarshan chakra and warns Bali to mind his tongue. Laxmi says her amrith is Narayan and Narayan’s amrith is she, the amrith Bali is waiting for is on the way, so he shouldn’t interfere between her and Narayan. Narayan warns Samudradev to focus on what he needs and not Laxmi. Samudradev says he tried to separate Narayan and Laxmi who are together since ages. Bali says if their drama is over, restart manthan and get amrith. Samudradev says amrith is on the way.

Dhanvantri emerges holding amrith. Bali orders asurs to run and snatch amrith. Asurs run and snatch it. Narayan takes beautiful woman Mohini’s avatar and walking to asurs takes amrith from them saying she will equally distribute among devtas and asurs. Asurs mesmerized with her beauty agree. Mohini changes amrith pot and feeds juice to Asurs and real amrith to devtas. Asur Rahu sees asurs’ amrith’s color different than devtas, hence realizing its a trick disguises as devta and stands among devtas. Mohini dancing and entertaining completes feeding amrith. Asur Rahu consumes amrith. Devtas identify him and says he is asur. Narayan angrily beheads him with sudarshan chakra. Since Rahu consumed amrith, he became immortal, hence his head is called as Rahu and body as Ketu. Bali shouts that Narayan tricked them again, he will take revenge.

Narayan walks to Laxmi and says let us go to Vaikunta where everything is colorless without her, she is the one who fills happiness and life in Vaikunta, etc. Mahadev stops them. Parvathi asks when he was eager to reunite them, why is he stopping them. Mahadev says Laxmi is his sister and his duty is to perform their wedding properly. He performs their wedding and does Laxmi’s kanyadaan. Laxmi and Narayan head towards Vaikunta after that.

Precap: Kali chooses Hiranyakashyap and brainwashes him.
Hiranyakashyap seeks immortality boon from brahmadev. Devi Laxmi gets tensed noticed that. Narayan takes different avatar again to end Hiranyakashyap.

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