Namak Issk Ka 21st June 2021 Written Update

Namak Issk Ka 21st June 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Namak Issk Ka 21st June 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rupa tells Kahani that you don’t take me as your sister that’s why you are thanking me? Kahani says it’s not like that didi. Rupa hugs her and cries. Kahani says I have to let Gunjan understand that this marriage will destroy three lives. We have to first tell Yug about the press conference’s truth. Rupa says how? Kahani sees her lawyer outside the house. They hide and see him. The lawyer sends a message to Iravati that he needs his money, if she doesn’t give it then he will bring the reporter who framed Kahani, he goes from there. Rupa says Iravati did all this? Kahani says I have an idea. We have to be more careful now. We have to hide from Iravati that we know the truth.

Kahani is getting ready in her room and recalls her night with Yug. How they got closer.. Gunjan comes to her and asks where were you last night? Don’t lie. Kahani says you won’t agree with me. Gunjan says what were you doing in the guest room? Did you mix anything in my milk? Where were you a dancer? Kahani says I might have gone dancing somewhere. I have some work now, she goes from there. Gunjan says what does she think of herself?

Kahani is leaving the house when she strikes with Yug. Yug says I was looking for you. Whatever happened last night.. you were ill and drunk so we both.. Kahani says you married Gunjan so talk to her. Yug says it was not Gunjan’s fault for whatever happened. Kahani says if I prove that it was Gunjan’s fault too then what will you do? Yug says I can’t stand the wrong but she is innocent so I will tell her everything. Kahani says can you wait till afternoon please?

Dadi calls Kahani. All women are there. Saroj asks Kahani where were you last night? She gives her a white sheet and says it’s Yug’s bedroom sheet. Dadi says it smells like you and it has proof of your cheapness. Yug comes there too. Kahani gets tensed. Saroj asks Kahani where were you last night? Dadi says you didn’t have shame last night? Saroj says you destroyed my son’s life but you are back when he is trying to move on? Your silence is saying everything, I was a fool to trust you. It’s your profession to trap men. Dadi says she didn’t even think about her sister. Gunjan says I won’t stay here if she is here. Yug throws a vase and hurts his hand. Saroj rushes to him. She asks if Kahani was in your room last night? Yug says no, I was alone yesterday night. Gunjan tries to bandage his wounded hand but he says I am fine. Dadi and every one leave. Ravi comes to Kahani but she says it’s my bad luck and nothing else. Ravi sadly leaves. Kahani comes to Yug and looks at his wounded hand. She says it’s a deep wound. Yug says yes, yours. He tries to clean her wound. Yug says you got hurt last night while you were unconscious. Kahani stares at him.

Gunjan tells Iravati that Yug and Kahani are lying. Rupa comes there and says you knew that Yug doesn’t love you, you should focus on your marriage instead of crying. Iravati says Rupa is right, you should be patient Gunjan. Rupa says we should have a function in the house to celebrate, I will pray that Gunjan gets everything she wants. Iravati says let’s have a function. Rupa says no one is smiling these days. Iravati says don’t worry.

Kahani records Iravati calling the lawyer and telling him that he will get his money in the function. Kahani makes Rupa hear the recording and says now we will answer back to their plots.

In the function, Saroj tells Iravati that today it feels like a family event. Dadi says it’s good that Kahani is nowhere to be found. Saroj says I will call Yug. Rupa is setting for pooja in the mandir. Saroj brings Yug there. He says why all this? Saroj says we have to welcome the new bride. Dadi says call the bride. Juhi goes to bring her. Yug thinks where is Kahani? I know she is trying to prove something but we don’t have much time. Rupa looks at him and thinks don’t worry, no one can stop Kahani today. Juhi brings Gunjan to the door and Saroj asks Yug to go to her. Rupa asks him to go as it’s a ritual. Yug goes to Gunjan and stands with her. Gunjan does her garah pervesh and starts entering the house. Ronak taunts that he gets every happiness, his work profile should be marrying women. We should celebrate this moment. Kahani comes there and says just prepare for it. All look on.

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