Namak Issk Ka 6th May 2021 Written Update

Namak Issk Ka 6th May 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Namak Issk Ka 6th May 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Yug tells the family that I married Kahani in March and after that, we both have right on each other’s present and future but I don’t have any right on her past. That’s why our present won’t be destroyed by our past because we started our story after forgetting our past so I don’t care what’s in it. Ronak says you don’t care I was in her past? Yug says no. Kahani is surprised. Yug tells Kahani that I am not a saint, I am a human so when I heard it, I got angry, very angry, and felt like Kahani was characterless but someone told me that decisions taken in anger are always wrong so we should always calm ourselves down. I thought with a calm mind and if I had done the same mistake then would Kahani have forgiven me? He asks Kahani what if I had done that mistake? Kahani says it would have pained me a lot but I would still be with you. Yug says it’s paining me too but I would be with you. Kahani smiles at him. Dadi says there is a difference between a man and a woman, she had done a sin. Yug says I don’t care about sin but love is the biggest deed, I love Kahani. I pray to my love. Kahani is mine so her mistakes and sins are mines too. If Kahani has done a sin so I will forgive her and will never leave her. Kahani is mine and will always be mine, she is not leaving my life or this house ever. All look on. Kahani smiles at him. Yug asks Dolly to make tea for everyone, we will have tea together, my wife will be there too. Gunjan comes there and claps at them. She says we should have sweets too, my Yug sees God in this dancer now. Gunjan says you used to not use any used item in childhood so what happened? Yug says I have grown up but you didn’t. Saroj slaps him and says you are not a man enough? Yug says I am a son of a mother whose husband left her and she lived in pain, how can I leave Kahani after seeing all that? I am not like Ronak. Ronak says why you have to drag me in all this, I am taking care of the family unlike you. Iravati says Ronak is right. Ronak says I did a mistake but I gave money to Kahani, I asked her to abort the baby so don’t know why she opened her mouth. Rupa thinks Ronak always sees his benefit, I have to break this relationship with him. All glare at him. Ronak says I swear I had sent Kahani to the hospital. Yug takes Kahani from there. Ronak thinks I hope I did the right thing.

Scene 2
Yug holds Kahani’s hand and takes her to the room. Yug tells Kahani I am sorry. Kahani says why? Yug says I asked wrong questions in the hospital from you. Kahani says your love made you question me. Yug says don’t say that, we always question girls like character certificate is of girls only, guys can do anything before marriage but if girls do it then they are characterless. Girls have the right to their pasts, present and dream too. I got angry at you but I was wrong, my anger had an ego and not love. There is no anger or hatred in love, I wouldn’t think like society, I will think from my heart. Forgive me if you can.. Kahani stops him and moves closer. Oh Sajanwa plays as Kahani hugs him tightly. Yug says anyone can say anything but you don’t have to worry, we are together always. He wipes her tears. Kahani smiles at him. Yug kisses her forehead and smiles. Saroj sees them hugging and gets angry. Dolly comes there and says I thought he would throw her out but they are closer. Saroj asks her to do her work.

Ronak comes to Rupa and asks what game she is playing? Iravati comes there and says you played a good game. I asked Rupa to lie about Kahani’s abortion, we have to make this lie a truth now. Ronak says we will prove Yug’s love wrong, he is saying he doesn’t care but we will make him care that his wife was pregnant with my baby. Rupa says I can’t do this. Iravati tells Rupa that if you have to stay here then think about your sister, you can be on the roads with your babies so just do what I am asking you to do.

Yug comes to the lounge and calls everyone there. Dadi asks what happened? Yug tells the family that Kahani is part of this family now, she will eat with us at the dinner table with us from now on. Dadi says what sons we have. Ronak asks Yug to not take decisions in front of elders. Yug says I am making decisions for my life. Gunjan comes there and says take a decision for me also, what about my mangalsutra and our relationship? Kahani tells Yug that we have hurt you a lot, I am sorry for that but you should move on. Yug and I are married now so don’t hurt yourself. Gunjan says I will finish myself before that. Iravati says then do it, you want to kill yourself then do it. She gives the knife to her and says kill yourself. Yug asks Iravati to stop it. Iravati says Yug doesn’t care about her but she wants to kill herself so she should do it, you love Yug for some years but I have loved you since you were born, you don’t care about my love and want to kill yourself so just do it. Saroj asks her to calm down. Gunjan cries. Iravati tells Gunjan that I don’t like threats, either kill yourself or go to your room. Kahani looks on.

Precap: Yug makes Kahani sit on the chair. Iravati is furious. She says she will also eat and joins them while others just stand and watch.

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  1. Shaheerah
    May 07, 08:28 Reply

    This was a good episode, a good steer in direction. Usually, the plot would be about blaming the woman but in this one – it is good to see that Yug stands by Kahani. He spoke correctly that women are always questioned of their character while men can be men, Gunjan’s words that she said men can be men is such a low level thinking line. Love this episode, gret job to the producers and writers for this episode. Love #yuhani!

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