Nazar 2 9th March 2020 Written Update

Nazar 2 9th March 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Nazar 2 9th March 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Appu opens his eyes. Madhu isn’t there. He looks for Madhu. Madhu goes towards Palak’s room and says I can’t go there until I find matarani’s moorti. Appu comes there and says I found you. MAdhu says let’s play another game. Take this idol of matarani. Let’s pray together. You have to hide the idol without letting Palak know. He takes the idol. She says no one can stop me now. Appu brings the idol. Madhu says take it from the window. Palak should’t know you stole it. Appu takes the idol from there.

Palak says what should I do? Please help me God. Madhu says I have to add life back in pandit so Palak is proven liar again. But he won’t be able to stay alive. Palak runs to Urwashi and says come I have to show you something. Madhu wakes up pandit ji. Palak says come. I told you I saw pandit ji’s dead body. The dead body was here. Urwashi says but there is no dead body here. Palak says I touched it. It was right here. Dadi says why can’t I see it then? We were going to the temple to meet pandit ji. Pandit comes there and says I was home. I was cleaning the house with ganga jal. Palak says pandit ji you? He says yes. Madhu says he was cleansing the house. Palak you started again? Palak says I saw the dead body myself. Madhu says stop making us crazy and leave pandit ji alone. Palak says when did you come here? MAdhu says who are you to question me? Dadi says please rest Palak. Palak says in heart I saw the dead body. It couldn’t be anything else. MAdhu says tonight would be Palak’s last night in this house. She will be kicked out of this house forever.

Scene 2
Palak comes to meet Naina. Palak says it feels so good so see you smiling again. Naina says I can’t wait to walk again and meet jeju. Appu calls Palak and says come back soon. I am bored. Madhu gives Appu milkshake. Naina says he’s used to you already. How romantic. Palak says okay I will bring 20 KGs laddus. Naina says 20 KGS laddu for what? Palak says for his workplace. There’s a party there. Naina says are you happy? Palak says why won’t I be? Palak’s uncle says you have become arrogant. You are rich now. You returned the 2 crores. Palak says they are very nice people. I can’t misuse their money. Her uncle says what if Naina finds out you married a mentally retarded person for her treatment?

Dadi says we thought Palak was the right girl for Appu. But she is doing completely opposite. Urwashi says we should take her to the Jabalpur temple. Madhu says I have to make Palak harm Appu so they kick her out of the house forever. Madhu looks for her stone that she killed pandit ji from. Madhu comes there. Appu has the stone. He says see di I have this amazing stone.

Precap-Appu comes in front of Palak. His eyes are gleaming. Palak stabs Appu.

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