Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 20th November 2023 Written Update

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 20th November 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 20th November 2023 Written Episode

Jailor tells Shefali that Neerja creates a lot of scenes and keeps fighting. Shefali asks jailor to leave. Neerja says to Shefali, she helped her in all ways and requests to release Protima she will stay but let Protima out. Protima says I will accept any accusation but this place isn’t for Neerja. Shefali says she is trying her best but the case is twisted, and the way it has twisted Neerja may be sent to imprisonment for 8 years. Neerja says my mother can’t stay here, she is unwell. Abeer walks in and is shocked to hear about Neerja’s imprisonment.

Shefali lets Abeer and Neerja talk in private and says you two don’t have a lot of time quickly finish it. Neerja urges Abeer not to keep coming, saying it’s not the right place for him. She insists he shouldn’t have come for her. Abeer wants to speak up but pauses. He shares that she has confessed her love, yet she seems indifferent to his feelings. He vows to get her out of jail, no matter what.

Shefali warns Abeer about the upcoming court hearing where false statements by Sheikh could lead to Neerja’s imprisonment for 8 years. Shefali suspects someone is attempting to link Neerja with Sheikh. Protima reveals Didun’s involvement, prompting Neerja’s disbelief. Protima discloses Didun’s malicious intent to implicate Neerja due to her knowledge of Didun’s drug dealings. Abeer storms off, furious.

Munmun mimics Trisha, discussing Neerja’s situation with Kaushik. Munmun hints at Trisha’s actions—tearing Neerja’s picture, setting a fire, and concealing a key. She expresses concern that Trisha might marry Abeer and disrupt the harmony of the household.

Didun takes pride in herself and demands Shabbo Rani to bring the girls to her. Unimpressed by their appearance, Didun criticizes their style and questions Chakri’s teaching. Abeer walks in and Didun signals her goons to stop him, but Abeer, ready for a fight, confronts her. He accuses Didun of framing Neerja and vows to protect her at any cost. Didun attempts to provoke Abeer against Neerja, but he stands firm, arguing against her unjust actions.

Abeer confronts Didun about framing Neerja and threatens to expose the truth about the Baadi. Chakri insinuates that Neerja’s situation is due to Abeer’s actions. Didun warns Abeer not to challenge her and emphasizes her control over the place.

Didun calls Trisha and informs her about Abeer’s visit to Sonagachi and says she saw the love and care in Abeer’s eyes and if she doesn’t stop Abeer from freeing Neerja out of jail, Neerja will take Trisha’s place as Abeer’s wife.

Precap: Didun taking kidnapped girls in a car with Abeer disguised as her driver. Didun on call asks did Neerja’s hearing begin.

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