Nimki Mukhiya 1st August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 1st August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 1st August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tune says you saw how Sweeti spoke against her father and you are with him. Ramla says she exposed her father. Mauha says sweeti hit her husband. He was a rapist to her. Then why she thinks so high of her brother? Mono says he has changed. Mauha says Babbu took my sister from me forever. He would leave her if he loses. He would show his reality. Babbu comes and says this won’t happen Mauha. Please listen to me once. Raml says please go. Babu says I need peace. I need to talk to Mauha. He says Mauha you said so bitter things and I stayed silent because I was wrong. I was an animal. I only knew how to hurt people. I did so wrong to you, your family and Nimki. I don’t deserve pardon. Yet nimki forgave me. She came to me and I thought everything was okay. But it wasn’t because

she parted from you. she cries for you. She loves you all. I saw tears in her eyes for you people. When I see those tears, I can’t sleep. She is in pain. Her distance from you is her pain. I am responsible for all this but she is suffering. Tune says are you listening? Babu says she says your name every name. I can’t take her happiness from you. I am contesting in elections because she asked. I have no interest in it. But I saw the reality of my family and nimki doesn’t deserve to live there. Ramla says mauha see truth in his eyes. Everyone deserves a second chance, like Nimki gave to him. Forget what happened. Please this hate wont’ change anything. It would only harm you and Nimki.
Babu gets a call. Mauha says is it nimki? She sent you right? She wants to know if her game worked. She wants me on her side. Babbu says she doesn’t even know I am here. I am only here to tell you I can leave nimki for her and your happiness and I can withdraw my name from elections for you. I don’t want nimki to pay for my sins.

Scene 2
Annaro says toettar calm down and think what to do. We can’t sit back. Nimki is doing all this. She took all my kids. Rekha says we are with you but do something before we have to go on that side too. Tettar says go then. Rekha says no one would vote for you after today. tettar says I only wanted to be MLA. Babu would rule with me. Ritu says nothing is over. things can change in a day. We have to defame Babbu. He is a hero in people’s eyes. We have to get him trapped in something. Anything can happen.
Ritu says mauha speaks against Babu. If she dies, Babbu can be blamed. Tettar says I will do something with Nimki and Babu. Won’t use anyone.

Sweeti says to Nimki you shouldn’t hve come here. Nimki says don’t be scared. You showed them their reality. Sweeti says where is babu? Pack your bags. Nimki says nothing would happen. They can’t harm us. everyone was there. Nimki says we are safe here. They can’t do anything.

Annro knocks on door and says open the door. Sweeti says please run from here.
Babu says mauha I really love nimki and my child. Mauha agrees. Babu says let me bring her here. She would live here. They all smile/ Mono says nimki would live with us. Mauha hugs him.

Tetar says open the door. Sweeti and nimki are scared. Nimki call babu but he doesn’t pick. Tettar and Ritu try to break the door. Babbu is on his way. He is happy.
Tettar gets nimki out. He locks sweeti in a room.
Tettar his Nimki. She is badly injured. Tettar says you played games with me. Nimki on floor. Sweeti says she is pregnant. Please leave her. Tettar says I rule here. Nimki says you are losing Tettar. Sweeti screams.

Precap-Nimki is dying. Tettar says no one would touch her. Sweeti says I am taking her to hospital. Babbu comes in. Sweeti says tettar did all this. Babu shoots Tettar.

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