Nimki Mukhiya 28th June 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 28th June 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 28th June 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sweeti says I couldn’t believe my brother could do something so disgusting. You were dead for me. But today, after long I felt like my brother has changed. His humanity is coming back. Did you apologize to her right? Babbu says I didn’t know the sin I was doing until I saw it happening to you. I was living in sins. I was seeing what our parents were showing me. YOu adn Dablo were right. I should be in jail. I should cry there every moment. Sweeti says if you repent, only Nimki has right to punish yu. Babu says that’s why I went to her. Sweeti says and she forgave you. Babbuu says I am dying inside. I should be punished. Only then she would get justice. Sweeti says help her, stand with her. Give your life is serving for her and your child. Would you do it? Babu recalls

seeing her in the market. He says I would do anything for her.
Tettar comes in. He says showing much love to your brother? He says you fooled us right? Ritu says you couldn’t do it for elections. Babbu says you shut up. Tettar says tell me what your plan is. Babbu says try to understand. You are no in good position. No one helped you in the case. You can’t stand in front of Nimki. she has ruined our name. I am doing all this for you. After elections you would have all the powers. We will worsen her life. Annaor says you couldn’t do anything my son is doing all this. He is right. Tettar says I still rule. You don’t need to do anything. I will win elections on my own. You have harmed me enough already. He leaves. annaor says I will make him understand. You did right. But you shouldn’t have kneeled down. Make her suffer. and make your sister understand too. She is ruining the name of this house.

Scene 2
Nehar says I told everyone is party office about Babbu kneeling down. Tune says yes everyone should know. Nehar says they were all planning for Nimki to contest in elections. Tune says we don’t want all that. Mauha says you are thinking about elections. Ramla says she better forgave him. She can be Vidhayak. Mauha says did you forgive him because of that? Nehar says that was the right plan. Tune says Nimki won’t’ leave Babbu. tell them Nimki. Nehar says everyone got to know Babbu raped Nimki. Mono says shut up. You keep saying the word over and over again. Tune hugs him.

Nimki gets a call from Sweeti. She says nimki are you okay? You fainted. Nimki says Babu saved me. Sweeti says really? She says yes. sweeti says I lost my brother. I loved him but he was disgusting me with what he did. You must have felt the pain in forgiving him. He is changing. What he did is a sin and he should be punished. I saw my lost brother in him. I know he did a sin. Nimki says I know. Sweeti says we are all your culprits. Babu is ready to go to jail. He is ready. Nimki says I dont’ want to do that. Sweeti says you wont punish him? Can you give him another chance? Nimki sits down recalling his asking for forgiveness. Sweeti says he is changing. Nimki says yes, otherwise he wont kneel down. I forgave him so he has another chance to change. Mauha hears all this.

Precap-Nimki and Tune play carrom. He says poeple play from striker and win the queen. You’re playin from the queen? Nimki says queen is the real player.

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