Nimki Mukhiya 29th July 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 29th July 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 29th July 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tettar records a video. He says I served you as a mukhiya. Stated changed the law and made it easier for Nimki to win. And she ruined your name. He asks Ritu am I going good? Ritu says something is missing. Tettar says what?
Rekha says to Annaro I feel so bad for you. She slapped you so hard. She slapped you first in her house and now in her own house. If she slapped me, Dablo would have hit her. But tettar doesn’t care for you like nothing happened.

Ritu says it looks an old man is trying o justify. Nimki has an emotional story. What do we have?? Annaro comes and says you two are not even men. Babbu is fighting for his wife and you don’t even care. Rekha says she slapped Annaro and Tettar didn’t do anything. Tettar says so you want me to shoot her and go

to jail? Tettar says please go from here. Ritu says if we tell people it would be an emotional story. Annro says okay don’t do anything. I will burn her alive. Tettar says don’t dare doing anything stupid. Annaro is angry. Tettar locks annaro in the room.
Scene 2
Nimki is in her room. Babu comes in. Nimki says is mono okay? What happened? Babbu says Mauha didn’t like me being there. But it’s okay. Nimki says I shouldn’t have.. Please let’s go to your mom and apologize. He says no you don’t have to. Nimki says she is your mom. She can slap me back. BAbbu hugs her and says no one can even touch you when I am here for you. Amma has to accept you. I really love you and my child. I won’t let anything happen to you two. Nimki says in heart but I don’t love you. Babbu says why did you come back to me? Nimki says you know. Babbu says Mauha hates me, because I hurt her sister and dad. Then why did you forgive me? You loved your dad. Nimki says heart, is he doubting me? Nimki says are you doubting me? Are you trusting what your mom says? Babu says no I didn’t mean that. Nimki says I forgave you for this child. It is our child. Babbu says yeah. Nimki says we have to think about what Tettar and ritu are planning. Babu says you will see what I do to them.

Babbu coughs. Nimki says are you not well? He says just coldrink. Nimki says let me get you hot water and honey. Nimki says in heart, in some days I would not only remove your cough, I would remove your existence.

Tettar says what to do. Ritu says wait for your good time. Tettar says I had such good chance at winning this time. We did so much for him. And he is with nimki now? Ritu says we should tell people what you did for your son and his mom suffered so much. He couldn’t be of his parents.. How would he be people’s. And Mauha when she is on our side people would trust us. He says go Annaro needs to be with us too and cry there so people are emotional.

Mauha can’t sleep at night. She recalls what Tune said. Mauha says I got her wrong? She didn’t forget us? Nimki recalls Mauha insulting Babbu. She recalls Mono coming to meet her. Nimki says I should talk to Mauha. she dials her number. Babbu gets up he goes out. Mauha sees Nimki’s call. Nimki says why is her phone busy? Who is she talking to? Tettar calls Mauha and says we are doing a rally tomorrow. We want you to come there and speak for yourself. Mauha says what would I say. He says you are also Ram’s daughter. You should speak. I can send car. Mauha I would come but won’t say anything. Ritu says you will have to say what you said to Babu. Remember this man hit your dad. Mauha says I would come but I won’t speak. Tettar says you want your sister back or not? If Babu wins, he would throw your sister out of all this. Ritu says this is the time to speak against Babbu. Mauha says I would come and speak. Tettar and Ritu smirk.

Precap-Ritu says to sweeti, if we even have to kill you for elections, we can do that. IF you don’t help us Tettar is ready to kill Nimki’s family. He shows her a guy with gun near Mauha’s house.

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