Nimki Mukhiya 2nd February 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd February 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd February 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nevi smiles while sleeping. Mauha says thinking about Abhi? Nimki says yes Abhi. Mauha says finally you are thinking about Abhi too/ Nimki says how did you feel when you fell in love with Tune? She says I smiled like this before and then got angry when he didn’t give me attention. Nimki says I feel something. It feels weird and why does it feel this way? SHe says Abhi must feel the same.

Abhi thinks about nimki and smiles too. Mausi says don’t just keep thinking this time. She is in love with you too this time. He says I am sleepy. He smiles and sleeps. Abhi thinks about nimki. The song kuch kuch hota hai play. Mauha sings the song. Nimki sings with her. They hear Ram saying what happened why is anyone not sleeping.

Sweeti recalls abhi shouting at her. She says you hate me so much? But this is what it should be. The more you hate me the closer you would get to Nimki.
Babbu says why are you crying? She says tears of joy. He says for Nimki adn BDO’s affair. Look at this bangle. I broke all of them. I can’t see her with someone else although I hate her. She says she loved you and you couldn’t return it back. He says that Nimki is playing with her like he played with you. He says I wont let nimki have happiness ever. I will naked her in the court. She says that will only naked you. She leaves. Babbu recalls Abhi with Nimki.

The contractor says where is our material? How is it stolen from the villagers. All villagers pretend like they don’t know. He says tell us where it is. Ramla says don’t shout at us. We will kick you out of here. He says where is mukhyia?
Nimki makes Ram eat. Mono says parents become kids after a certain age. The contractor leaves in anger.
Ram says when will you get married to BDO? Nimki smiles. She says please. Nimki says I am focusing on fashion show. Nimki says I have to go to Abi’s place Ram sings kuch kuch hota hai. Nimki says you were listening in? She goes in and smiles.

Precap-Nimki and abhi say I love you to each other.

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