Nimki Mukhiya 30th July 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 30th July 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 30th July 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tettar says you speak, that would give Ram peace too. Annaro says we first took help from Nimki now her sister. We always have to bow. Tetttar says you have t lose something to get something. We will have our time. Annaro says would Mauha come? Ritu says we would bring her. We all have to go. All of yu, Sweeti, you, dablo and everyone. So everyone knows all family is with Tettar. Annaro says would sweeti go? He says yes. I know how to make her come and speak in your favor.

Babu coughs. Nimki says your eyes are red. Did you sleep? He says I don’t feel well. Let’s postpone the rally. Nimki says are you nervous? Nimki says all big people get nervous. He says I have never given speech. Nimki says everything happens for the first time. Look in the mirror. He says you, my

child and I. Nimki says we would be there. She would clap for us. Babu says it would be a guy. Even if it’s a girl, I would be happy. Nimki says when you’re losing confidence recall what your father did to all of us. Babu says I am ready.
Ritu says Sweeti wear saaree. It would suit you. Sweeti says get out. I have to get ready. He says going to babu’s rally? Wear a green saree. you are coming to Tettar’s rally. Everyone is going there. This is the way to defeat Babbu. Sweeti says I am with Babbu. Ritu says yeah I know. But game is in the end over now. Even if we have to kill anyone, we would do it. Sweeti says get out. He says I know you would support me. He shows Sweeti video of a man outside Mauha’s house with gun. He says don’t worry they haven’t killed but if you don’t help us he can kill Nimki’ family. Sweeti runs out. Ritu says if you tell anyone, he would shoot them. If you do anything Babbu or Nimki’s family can die. Wear a green saree.

Ganesh says I am with Nimki and Babu. A guy says but tettar is a clever player. They see a guy and says what are you doing here. who are you? The guy leaves.
Mauha is leaving. Tune says you can’t go. Tettar is using you. Mauha says I wont let Babbu win. He is a rapist. You are stopping me, you can stop your nimki. Ramla says so you would speak against nimki? Mauha says what about ram? Would he be happy to see his daughter with her rapist. Mono stands of door and says I wont let you go. Mauha shoves him and leaves. Tune say don’t stop her. she is full of hate now. Ramla says please go stop her.

Scene 2
The rally starts. Ritu is there. Mauha comes there as well. Sweeti is there as well. Tettar comes on stage. Tettar says I have served you all for years. You all know Babbu is against me. A son against his father. Nimki provoked him. He is against his dad. How would he be yours?

Precap-Ritu says to Sweeti once he wins, I will take you to Patna and rape you. Sweeti comes on stage and says dont’ vote for Tettar and Ritu. They deserve to be in jail. Sweeti beats Ritu in front of everyone. She says you dare raping me. Nimki says you’re being beaten like a dog.

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