Nimki Mukhiya 3rd August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Muaha comes to hospital and asks about Nimki. Abhi comes there and grabs Babbu, he asks what happened to Nimki? Sweety says he didnt do anything, Tettar hit her. Doctor comes there and says Nimki is critical, she has internal bleeding, we are trying. Babbu says nothing can happen to her. Abhi says let her work. Muaha says hell with the baby, save Nimki. Doctor says we have to keep her in observation. Muaha requests to see her, doctor allows them to go inside, Sweety asks Babbu to go inside too. Abhi looks on.
All come in Nimki’s room and sees her unconscious on bed. Muaha cries in Tunee’s arms. Nurse ask them to leave soon. Muaha says what happened didi. Nimki wakes up. Muaha asks her to rest. Nimki smiles. Dumri says you are still smiling? Muaha says you will be fine

Nimki. Tunee says you have to. Mono says we will take you home and celebrate your birthday. Dumri says I will cook you chicken like Ram used to. Nimki tries to talk but faints. Muaha gets worried. Tunee says she is fine. Nurse ask them to leave.
Diamond says to Rekha that they tried to trap me. Diamond says what happened today was not right. Rekha says she is pregnant, they shouldnt have done it. Diamond says we will remain and even talk against Tettar. Rekha says let everyone come and then we will handle it, dont confront him right now or else he might try to hurt you too.

Muaha is crying in Nimki’s room. Nimki wakes up and recalls how her family used to take care of her. She sees Muaha crying and recalls Muaha angry on her. Muaha sees her awake and rushes to her. She wipes her tears.

Ritu says to Tettar that he shouldnt have hit Nimki too much. Tettar says she was insulting me. Mai says we should have killed her before. Ritu says we can hit women but if she goes to police station and tell them that she is pregnant too then we are in trouble, what about Babbu? He is short tempered and can even kill us. Tettar says just tell him that Nimki angered me and I slapped her. Ritu says Sweety will tell him everything and he wont listen to us, police must be coming here. Tettar throws a vase. Mai asks him to be careful. Ritu says what if Babbu comes home and gets angry, he will beat everyone and might slap Mai too. Tettar says what are you saying? He would never do that. Ritu says Nimki might try to stop him but he will get more angry and throw Mai from stairs. You all know he gets angry and can do anything, Diamond and Jhariya will be witness against him. Tettar smirks and comes near stairs. Mai asks him what he is thinking. Tettar pushes Mai from stairs. Rekha comes there and sees it. She is shocked.

PRECAP- Tettar is injured. Tettar asks her to not worry and tell everything to police. Mai tells police that Babbu did this with her. Babbu comes there and hears it.

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