Nimki Mukhiya 7th August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 7th August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 7th August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ramla says Mono wash your hands, i will get you food. He says I was very appy that nimki would come today. I thought I would hear her everywhere in the house. I can’t hear her laughter anymore. I don’t see her. Ramla says nothing would happen to her. Mono says nurse said she is in critical condition. Ramla says she would be fine.
Mono looks at Nimki’s things. Mono says I brought these toys that I thought I would give to munna. Would he be fine? Ramla says have you ever seen Nimki cry? She never gives up. Tune says I will play with munna. Mono says I am not hungry. He cries.

Babbu is worried. He says why is taking so long. Mauha says the doctor said she was really hurt. Her child.. Mauha says Tune tell them. Tune says the doctor said the baby is bleeding.

Sweeti says what.. Doctor comes out. She says she is under anesthesia. Abh says what happened to her? Nimki says call the doctor. They take nimki to ward. Nimki cries my child.. Babbu says nothing would happen to our child. Nimki holds Abhi’s hand. nurse says she is under anesthesia. Nimki says my baby.. Nurse says please let her rest. Nimki says no one came from the haveli? Sweeti says they are dead. Babbu says I will avenge this. Abhi says yes.
The doctor says she is out of danger. But..
Mono is asleep. All the toys fall down. Mono wakes up. Doctor says we couldn’t save the chid. Everyone is shocked. Babbu sits down crying.

Scene 2
Annaro recalls what dablo said. Tettar says I have called the doctor for you. You fell right. Annaro gets up from bed. Tettar says where are you going? What is this drama? She says I want to meet Babu. He would be jailed. Tettar says that was the plan. He stops annaro and says you can’t ruin my game. She says I want to meet babbu and apologize. Tettar says are you crazy? He is running from police. He hit his wife and mom. You are to stand by me. Annaro walks. Tettar shoves her on bed and says I get what I want. No one is coming in between. He leaves. Annaro recalls what dablo said.

Doctor says the child lost heart beat. i had to abort it. Everyone is crying. Doctor says she had bruises. Babbu breaks things in anger. Abhi controls him. Babbu cries. Nimki faints. She screams and cries. Sweeti says Nimki.. please calm down. Babbu says our child.. Mauha hugs nimki and cries.

Precap-Annaro calls Babu. she says I wanted to apologize. Babu says everything is over. My child is dead. Nimki says they are all responsible for it.

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