Nimki Mukhiya 9th August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 9th August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 9th August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Babbu hits Tettar and says you were blood. You killed my child You made my mother give statement against me? Ritu tries stopping him. Babu hits him. Tettar says the child died. Go celebrate Ritu. Babbu puts gun on him and says I will kill you. Tettar says so you will kill me for Nimki? He says yes I would.
Everyone looks for Nimki. she is nowhere.

Abhi and sweeti are looking for Nimki. Tune says she isn’t even in haveli. Abhi says I will kill Tettar if he harms Nimki. Mauha says I will come with you Tune.
Abhi says I am sure Nimki went herself for a reason. Abhi stops the car with a brake.
His car is down. Sweeti cleans his bruise. He says the car isn’t working. It’s raining.

Ritu says what are you doing. Stop it Babbu. Anaro comes there.

She says dont’ do this babbu. Babbu puts gun on Tettar and Tettar puts on Babbu. Annaro says he is your blood. He says that’s the regret. Babbu says diamond make a video. Tettar shoots in Diamond’s direction. He says keep your phone in. Tettar says you chose that Nimki over us? Nimki says yes.. Nimki lets her umbrella go. Nimki says shocked to see me here? Ritu says Nimki you.. Babbu says you need rest. Nimki says it was important for me to be here. Annaro says this isn’t a game. Nimki says the game is more fun now. Tettar says your child died. shame on you. Nimki says I was born with style. So you two are shooting each other? Babbu shoot him already. Nimki says give me the gun and let me shoot. Tettar puts the gun on her and says move back or I will kill you. Right now let me handle this Babbu. Nimki says shoot already. Babbu says you are asking him to shoot me? Nimki says so should I keep you as my baby? i dont’ care if you die or your father. Diamond says bhabhi.. Nimki says you look cute when you call me bhabhi but I am not your bhabhi. Tettar says she doesn’t care about your life. And you wanted to kill me for her? Nimki says shut up. If I tell you the real game, you would know your worth. Ananro says you showed your worth. Nimki says I will show you worth of this family. Babbu says what are you saying. Nimki says you played your game well. But a villain makes a mistake. Nimki says you didn’t make a mistake in recognizing your son. He is disgusting like you. Babu says nimki.. Nimki says I am speaking. Nimki says you always made a mistake in recognizing Ritu. Nimki says Babu is contesting in elections because Ritu asked him. tettar says you think I am a fool? Ritu says she has lost her mind. Nimki says let me show you game. There are two villains, Babbu and Ritu.
She shows them a video of Babbu and Ritu. Ritu said to Babu you have no worth in front of Tettar. Get power from him. You have to become MLA. This is your time. Think of the future. You will get more votes than him. You will be a new face. You will have such power.

Precap-Babbu and Tettar hits each other. Tettar shoots Babbu.

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