Nimki Vidhayak 12th August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Vidhayak 12th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Nimki Vidhayak 12th August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Everyone dances in the village. People wonder who it is. Nimki enters, the whole village dances.
Nimki enters the assembly. She says I am MLA from Gosawaur. There are two types of people here, one for money and one for people. You can do what you want. But i care about this country. There is poverty everywhere in our country. You all call me beautiful when you like it. There should be a law, that no men should force women to cook. Our women can’t leave the house. Ramla says Nimki.. Would you eat it? Nimki was dreaming all that. Nimki says you ruined all my dream. Ramla says how will we reach patna. This car is broken. Ramla says let’s go in bus. I will get you window seat. Nimki recalls she asked babbu to get her window seat. Nimki says I only want drivin seat now.

Mono secretly calls Mauha and says we haven’t reached patna. We are on our way. Nimki says go to your mauha. She left me.. You can go with her too. He says no. Ramla says let’s get in the car.
Nimki washes her face. Nimki says Mauha left me, Tune did too, Abhi did too,, what if Mono leaves me too? I want to move on but they don’t let me. I don’t wanna lose anything in life now. Nimki sees a bride on the way. Their family is going to patna. Nimki recalls when she married Babbu. Ramla says what are you thinking? Nimki says did you sit in palki? Ramla says yes I did. The groom says we can’t take her in palki. It is getting late. THe dad says this is our ritual. Nimki says I should have taken palki too it would have lasted longer. Ramla syas my didn’t. Mono says the car is working. Nimki says I will go in palki now. You can go in car. nimki sits in the palki. they pick the palki and take her towards patna. Nimki says when I married I was in car, now becoming MLA in palki. Patna ere I come.

Scene 2
Nimki reaches outside a house. A man says who are you.. Mono says MLA from Gosawapur. Won with majority. He asks what is your name? Nimki says Namkeen Kumwari. He says I am sorry. He says why you came in palki? Nimki says that’s my right. Nimki says did they leave the bride? Ramla says no she was in car.
Nimki says is this my house? He says it will take time to alot a house. Till then you have to stay in this guest house. I have cleaned rooms for you. Nimki sees a wheelchair. She recalls her moments with Ram. The worker kicks wheelchair. Nimki slaps him. Manager says but this is awheelchair only. Nimki says no it’s not. Ramla takes her inside. ramla says big house. Nimki says whose wheelchair is that? He says if needed.
Mono says ac is working fine, but bathroom heater is fine. Ramla says we could go to Abhi’s house. He is our own. Nimki says he was not anymore. He is someone’s now.

Precap-Nimki sees Ram. She says papa is with me. Mono says I will never leave you alone.

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