Paakhi to address media about Anshuman’s death in Life OK’s Tumhari Paakhi

A lot has been cooking in Life OK’s Tumhari Paakhi (Shashi Sumeet Productions). With Anshuman (Iqbal Khan) dying, Aryaman (Iqbal Khan-double role) has stepped into his shoes to take care of Ayaan (Divyam Dama). And now we hear there will be some major drama.

As for what the viewers have been watching, Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) had been lying to Ayaan of how it was Aryaman who was killed in the unfortunate accident and not Anshuman.

The coming episodes will showcase how Paakhi will realise that she has been cheating on Ayaan by not telling him the truth about his father and this will be followed by a magnifying twist!

Wondering how Paakhi will reveal the truth? Read on…

Paakhi will embrace Ayaan and inform him the truth. While the viewers would expect a high end emotional moment, they would be taken by surprise when Paakhi will go on to address the media about the fact. She would also declare that she would now lead Anshuman’s dream project and head the Rathore Empire.

This will raise a major question on why Aryaman chose to become Anshuman.

Was it for his liking towards Paakhi or whether he harbours a vicious idea to take over Anshuman’s business?

When we contacted Shraddha Arya for confirmation she said, “There is a time when Paakhi will feel it is wrong to mislead her child about the fact he deserves to know. Paakhi has always believed in speaking the truth and this time too she shall abide by that.”

Get ready for this gripping moment.

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