“Painting is a stress buster for me.”:RaQesh Vashisth

RaQesh Vashisht on his love for painting, music and more…

The handsome RaQesh Vashisth who was last seen in Sony TV’s daily soap Hongey Judaa na Hum, and has entertained the audience with his acting skills says that he loves painting very much.

RaQesh who maintains that Painting is his stress buster said, “I love painting and it is my retirement plan to have a sale of all my paintings. Hobbies always help you, and you don’t need to depend on anybody. Painting is like a therapy for me as well as a stress buster.”

Further he added saying, “I used to visit a lot of painting exhibitions and I used to like the work displayed. I used to always feel that I should try my hand at painting too. So one day, I took it as a challenge and today I enjoy it very much. I don’t believe in any particular style of painting style, as I like exploring different mediums and styles of paintings. An artist is never satisfied with his work so I keep experimenting and create something new. It gives me immense pleasure whenever I paint.”

RaQesh who carries his paints on the sets too says, “Even when I am on the sets and shooting, I paint in between shots as it is a great stress buster for me. I don’t need too much time to paint, as I am a quick painter. I keep all my paintings in my room at home. I have a separate studio for painting at my home where I like to preserve my art, and I will bring them out when the time is right. Wine gets better when older, and the same applies to my paintings too.”

RaQesh’s wife, the beautiful Riddhi Dogra who is currently seen in Life OK’s Savitri also encourages his passion for painting. “Riddhi never disturbs me and never comes to the studio whenever I am painting as she likes to give me my space. She visits the room whenever I am not painting but not when I am painting. I respect her for this as we all need our own creative space. She knows that if she enters the room, I will end up talking to her and that will disturb my work.”

Painting is not the only hobby that he is pursuing. RaQesh has other hidden talents about which he says, “I am a music lover and like playing Flute and Sitar too. It all started from my school days when I was the head of my school band and I used to play flute. Ravi Shankarji and other well-known sitar players were an inspiration for me to learn how to play the sitar. Apart from this I am an avid horse rider too.”

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