Pandya Store 7th April 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th April 2021 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Store 7th April 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prafulla asking Raavi not to agree. Dhara says I don’t want Raavi to commit suicide, just Shiva can make our terms better. Prafulla says Shiva will kill her, I don’t accept this marriage. Dhara says Raavi, you wanted to become bahu of Pandya family, marry Shiva, please agree. Jagat begs Raavi not to let her life get ruined, Dhara got Shiva’s alliance for her betterment. Raavi thinks Jagat wants me to marry Shiva, what shall I do. Jagat faints down. Raavi and everyone get shocked. Anita goes to call a doctor.

Dev says I will not marry you now. Rishita says fine, you are my love, I will fight for you till my last breath. Janardhan is on the way. Raavi asks Jagat to get conscious, promise me you won’t scare me. Jagat says Raavi…. Dhara folds hands. Raavi says I will marry Shiva. Gautam calls Dev and Shiva in the mandap. Rishita and Raavi come as brides. Raavi recalls Dev and cries. Rishita thinks finally I m marrying Dev, he is feeling guilty, but I will fill his life with happiness. Dev thinks I have broken your trust, I lost in front of my love. Raavi thinks my dream was to become bahu of Pandya family, but this is lifelong punishment for me. Suman blesses Shiva. A girl says I don’t think their marriage will stay over a week.

Kanta says no, Shiva is clean at heart, he won’t find an innocent girl like Raavi, they fight a lot, but they both have this feeling of a sacrifice, see how Shiva agreed for Dhara’s respect, Raavi agreed for Jagat’s respect. Both the couple exchange garlands. Prafulla asks why are you doing this. Jagat calms her down. Shiva thinks I have to stop thinking. Raavi coughs by the smoke. Shiva recalls his words to Raavi. Suman prays that Shiva gets happiness. Krish says they can never stay happy. Suman says everything will be fine, they will be happy. Dhara does gathbandhan for both the couples. Raavi cries. Rishita happily holds Dev. Dev says sit away, the entire family is here. Janardhan gets stuck in traffic. The couples stand for the rounds. Dhara asks Shiva to hold Raavi’s hand. Raavi doesn’t give her hand. Pandit asks them to hold hands. Raavi holds Shiva’s hand. Dhara thinks I hope your relation of hatred will change into love. Both the couples take the marriage rounds. Rabba….plays…

Shiva takes sindoor. Raavi moves his hand. Sindoor falls over her hairline. Janardhan comes and asks Rishita to come with him.

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  1. smile
    April 07, 21:18 Reply

    Dear story writter,Please why you saw every M I L is bad.make some thing viewers enjoy it Positive view.why all male is total [Bayla type]like some thing people like to stick with your serial.

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