Pandya Stores 16th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 16th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 16th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara, Krish and Prerna coming home. Shweta hugs Dhara and acts sweet. Shivank thinks to impress Prerna. Raavi asks Dhara to handle Shiva, he has given his biodata at a marriage bureau and chose a girl also, stop him, else I will do something to myself. Shiva sees Pandya store and says no, I can’t marry the store, sorry, I want to marry a girl, I want divorce. Arushi sees Shiva’s pic and says he is right, he is a rowdy, I will call my mum, you call him. The man calls Shiva and says relation is fixed, that girl likes you, she wants to meet you, come fast. Arushi says I will show mum that I won’t find a guy here, she will take me back to Mumbai. Shiva says I will meet them first and then tell the family. Dhara says we are not able to get out of this mess, we won’t let this injustice happen with Raavi. Raavi says don’t show sympathy, go and do something. Dhara asks her not to worry. She goes to talk to Shiva. Raavi hugs Rishita and cries. Arushi and her mum come to the café. Shiva gets ready. Dhara comes running. He asks the auto driver to speed up. Dhara follows him. Shiva comes there. Arushi’s mum asks this guy? Arushi says yes, I will get such guys here. Her mum says he is okay, but he is Dhara’s devar, you can’t marry him, come with me. Arushi says I will marry only him.

Raavi thinks of Shiva and cries. Shivank consoles Raavi and says I promise I won’t let Shiva and your relation break. He hugs her. Arushi asks Shiva to come inside. Dhara reaches there and runs inside. Arushi’s mum thinks someone can identify me here. Dhara calls out Shiva. Raavi says I m glad I have my Maayka. Shivank says you are my everything, shall I tell you something, Dhara loves you but loves Shiva more, you know it, don’t lose courage, I m always with you. Dhara looks for Shiva. Shiva asks Arushi to order food.

Dhara doesn’t see them and thinks to go home and talk to Raavi. Shiva says I didn’t know this place is also there in Somnath, I came here for the first time, I came here to meet you, you can meet my family, we can keep the marriage in a few days. Arushi and her mum worry. She says it will be too early. Shiva asks do you like me or not. Shweta gets a heavy bag. Dhara scolds her. She says you all left me alone, so I was getting the bag myself, stop this lecture, you didn’t give birth to any child. Dhara says yes, you have much knowledge, take care of yourself. Raavi comes and says Shweta, listen to Dhara, she is saying right. She asks Dhara what happened, you went somewhere. Dhara asks shall I tell you right here. Shiva says I like you, do you like me. Arushi says yes. He says that’s done. She says we will see when your family meets me and likes me. He says we will keep the meeting. Her mum worries.

Raavi says we can win someone by love. Dhara claps and says well done, you learnt it, you make her yours by your love, I don’t have time. Raavi asks Shweta not to feel bad of Dhara’s words, and have the soup. Shweta asks what love-hate game is going on, you want to make me leave this house, you want to feed me poison. Raavi drinks the soup and says I m alive, you are pregnant, you need care, Shiva and I have problems. Shweta says I know, this happened because of me, I promise, I won’t let his second marriage happen. Raavi smiles. Shiva says I will go now, you take the food parcel. He pays the money and goes. Arushi’s mum says he is Dhara’s Devar, this won’t go on. Arushi says you liked such uneducated and small town guy, I find no problem with him, I will marry Shiva.

Shiva invites Arushi and her mom home on Dhara’s birthday. Dhara says I will never celebrate this bad day and not let you get married.

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