Pandya Stores 17th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 17th September 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 17th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhaven saying I m Pranali’s husband, I m glad my wife will practice with you from tomorrow. Pranali leaves. Amba talks to Hetal. Natasha asks when can I go home for pagphere. Amba says you are in a hurry to go, but a girl’s real house is Sasural, right. Natasha says how long will Suman handle the store. Amba says yes, but I will think after Janmashtami, you should be at home during festive. Dhawal comes and says I m going to group studies. Natasha thinks I will top, he is going to chill with friends, no use for him to study. She smiles and jokes on him. He goes. Amba asks what happened. Natasha says nothing. Hetal says I m going to market to get things for Janmashtami, come along. Dolly says I will also come. A biker hits Mittu. Mittu gets hurt and the medicines fall. He argues with the guy. The guy asks him to get lost. Mittu asks for money. The guy slaps him. Chiku comes and stops the guy. Mittu recalls Chiku. Chiku says leave his collar, give his money. Mittu asks why are you coming in between, I don’t need your protection, I gave that right to my brother Chiku, I don’t need you. Chiku says fine, I was saving you, you were getting slapped. The guy flees. Chiku says you argued with me and didn’t take money from him. Mittu says I will bear the loss of the medicine, you wanted to break our Pandya store, you want to help me and play a new trick. He goes.

Natasha asks Hetal about her dancing. Hetal lies to her. Natasha says you should resume your job. They buy the puja items. Hetal says I will see household items. Dolly says I will make a video. Bhaven stops Pranali and scolds her. Dolly records a video. She sees Pranali. Hetal thinks Pranali and Bhaven are fighting, Dolly and Natasha shouldn’t know it. Bhaven raises hand. Pranali stops him. Hetal asks Dolly to go to Natasha. She goes to Pranali. Natasha sees Hetal and calls her out. Pranali argues with Bhaven. He says you should have told me once before coming here. He pushes her. She gets angry.

She throws a melon at him. It hits another guy. The guy falls down the bike. Bhaven asks Pranali to run. Natasha asks are you fine, what happened, you look worried. Hetal says no, its nothing like that.

Natasha takes Dolly’s phone to call Suman. She sees the video. Hetal takes the phone and says call after reaching the shop, come. Mittu comes to the store. He says sorry, biker collided with me, the medicine bottle broke, the biker has beaten me, that guy came in between and saved me, just like our Chiku. Suman asks why, stay away from him, I don’t like him. He jokes. She asks Shiva to see his son. She asks him to go and apply medicine. Amrish says don’t worry, just release the payment, work shouldn’t stop. Natasha sees him and goes to him. He says Pandya store will break soon. She calls him out. He worries. She smiles and asks how is our Laddoo gopal. He smiles and says very cute like you, you can call me Mots, where are Hetal and Dolly. She says Mots, they are shopping. He asks didn’t their shopping end. She says no. He says go home, I have to go for a meeting. She goes.

Bhaven and Pranali come home, and argue. He says I will talk to Amrish. She thinks Amrish will oust me from the house. She takes the phone. He tries to snatch the phone. She falls down the stairs. Amba comes and gets shocked. He runs to check Pranali. Amba slaps and scolds Bhaven. She asks him to call a doctor. The Bahus come home. Amba thinks to stop Natasha. She hugs Natasha. She says you said you have to go for pagphere, I asked pandit, he gave today’s mahurat, you can go home, I will call Dhawal, he will drop you. Natasha says wow, I can finally go to Suman, I will pack my clothes and come. Amba says no.

Amrish says Dahi handi should come in Makhwana family. Dhawal gives his word. Suman asks Natasha and Mittu to get the dahi handi. Natasha says we will win. Amba says I will not let our respect get ruined, I won’t let Natasha participate.

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