Pandya Stores 20th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Stores 20th November 2022 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 20th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam saying you both are going, but where will you go. Dhara says we will go to Hardik’s house, Raavi will come with me, I won’t let her go to Prafulla’s house, I don’t want Prafulla to taunt her. Gautam says Raavi, you won’t go to Prafulla’s house, Dhara won’t go to Hardik’s house, I won’t let you go to Maayka, what will the world think, I trust Dhara and Raavi. Suman taunts him. Gautam asks them to stay in his friend’s house, its vacant. Raavi says no, I earn, we will live on rent. Suman says yes, make everyone know I m bad and torture my bahus. Gautam says listen to me. Raavi says you are my elder brother, I respect you, but I have self esteem, I will decide this myself. Dhara thinks Shiva got stone hearted, what happened to him today. Gautam says I know you are responsible, but I worry for you. Dhara says we trust each other.

Raavi says we will stay in this locality in a rented house. Suman asks her to vent out her frustration. Gautam says you stay in this locality, I will be less tensed. Raavi hugs him. Suman says pack Gautam’s bag and ask him to go. Shweta thinks it will be great. Krish says I m with Gautam. Suman says look at Shiva’s face.

Shweta thinks I have also become like them. Dhara says I will just come. She scolds Shiva. She says I regret that I raised you. Shiva says I regret to give you a mum’s status. Krish asks him to stop it. Shiva asks him to shut up. He shouts on Raavi. Raavi cries. Shweta thinks what shall I do of Rishita. Dhara says what you did today, you won’t get forgiven. Suman says your mistake also can’t get forgiven. Dhara leaves. Rishita calls Dhara and says I met Dr. Nitin, he said he didn’t do Raavi’s operation, tell me, how did he look. Dhara says no use, we are leaving. Rishita says no, I didn’t get the proof, you are leaving me alone in that house with Shweta, no one is identifying this sign, just tell me, what I m asking, how did that doctor look. Dhara says there were two doctors, they checked Raavi, junior doctor said Raavi is pregnant, senior doctor said she has a fibroid in her stomach, go to ultrasound room and ask him. Rishita says fine, I will see.

Rishita goes to the nurse and asks for cctv footage. Nurse says its confidential, we can’t show it to anyone. Rishita acts unwell. Dr. Nitin looks on. Nurse asks Rishita to have water. Rishita says my sister is getting ruined, help me, you think it’s a joke. Nurse asks her to just leave. Rishita doesn’t see Shweta coming. Shweta takes Nitin away. He says I will lose my job. She says it won’t go, stay alert.

Rishita thinks to reach to the cctv room. She pushes the ward boys and runs to changing room. Shweta says take off for some days. Nitin says yes. Rishita hits the ward boys and faints them. She says sorry, but anything for Raavi. She takes a ward boy’s disguise. She looks for cctv footage. Dhara and Raavi hire an auto rickshaw and leave. Yaadon ki baraat…plays.. Suman cries. Rishita goes to the cctv room and asks the man to show the cctv footage. The man asks are you new here. Rishita says yes, my mum is very happy. The man says you look delicate like a girl. Rishita makes stories. She asks for cctv footage. The man asks for dates. She tells the dates. He asks her to see. She sees Dhara talking to the doctor. She sees Shweta.

Dhara sees the photo album. She asks who is this guy. Jankana says he is Nitin, Shweta’s friend. Dhara says Nitin is Shweta’s old friend, Shweta has trapped us, now we will trap her.

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