Pandya Stores 5th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 5th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 5th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prerna saying I know a sensitive Krish, who loves and cares for everyone, why did you get so bitter than you can’t keep your sick mom’s wish. Suman says we will convince Krish by Prerna’s help, you convince Raavi and Rishita by taking Shesh, Shiva and Mittu’s help. Dhara says no need of them. Suman says no, they can’t get convinced, my sons are foolish. Gautam says I can’t handle the store alone, I fell alone, I want to shut this store, tell me, what mistake did I do that you all left me. Dev gets sad. Krish agrees to Prerna. She says I will handle everything with Dhara. They both confess love to each other. She kisses and hugs him. Shesh calls Chiku and Mittu to play. Suman smiles. Gautam stumbles. Dev holds him. Gautam says I m fine, you three are my support, strength, I m weak without you three. Dev asks him to stop drinking, people are taking an advantage of your drunkenness, you taught us that business is the biggest Dharm. Gautam says I also taught you that you shouldn’t break the family. Dev gets sad and leaves. A customer comes and asks for rice. Gautam wears Shiva’s glove and goes to give the rice. The man says I know you are missing your brothers.

Rishita gets a call from the school. The lady says your admission is cancelled, you didn’t complete the fee payment, and we aren’t liable to reimburse the half payment. Rishita gets angry on Dev. Shweta is on the way to the hospital with Chutki. Dhara comes to tell Rishita about Krish’s engagement. Rishita scolds her. Dhara asks her to please stay back for one day. Raavi is on call. She says I will come in a few days. She packs her bag. Dhara asks Raavi to stay back for one day for Krish’s engagement. Raavi says fine, just one day. Dhara says as you wish. Dhara goes to Suman and says I convinced Raavi, I don’t know about Rishita. Suman says we will find an excuse to stop them tomorrow. The kids play on the road. The lawyer comes and asks for Krish. Mittu says Krish isn’t at home. The man says you are so cute and pulls his cheek. Shesh beats him. Chiku asks what work you have with Krish. The lawyer says give these papers to Krish, its imp.

Shweta reaches the hospital. She asks Chutki to sit. She says you have fever. Shesh says this looks like an exam paper, why shall we give these papers to Krish, we will make an airplane. Chiku says yes, I will teach you, come. Prerna calls Dhara and says Krish agreed, you start preparations now. Dhara says thanks for giving this good news, come home tonight, I will make you ready. Prerna says that’s sweet, but I will come tomorrow. Dhara thanks her. Prerna says Suman is my mum also, don’t thank me. Suman says happiness can come home after a long time. Dhara says I won’t let the family break. Suman says I won’t forgive you if you do anything wrong. Dhara says I know, I will take kids for shopping first. Suman says I miss Chutki. Doctor says this is really serious, we have to do her operation as soon as possible. Shweta says but its cost. He says yes, I will tell the budget, it will cost a min of 25 lakhs. Suman misses Chutki.

Dhara says I trust Somnath, he will get our Chutki back. Shweta says I will see what I can do. Chutki asks what operation is he talking about. Dhara comes to the kids and ask about the paper. Shesh stops her and argues. Chiku defends Dhara and fights with him. Dhara stops him. She says you both are brothers, brothers support each other, they don’t fight. Shesh asks why does my dad stay away from his brothers, do you have any answer. Suman looks on. Dhara asks Mittu to call her Badimaa. Mittu asks why. Dhara says I m elder to your mum. Suman says even kids know their dads don’t stay with the family. Dhara says the house looks joyful because of the kids. Suman asks but for how long, we have to think, what to do, think of something. Dhara says I will do something.

Dhara says I promise, I will not let Raavi and Rishita go, I want to keep a condition, if the three brothers stay back then you will accept Chiku. Chiku hears this.

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