Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th September 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with karna is climbing the huge mountain part by part by seeing it so huge. He is trying to make his ways through the mountain.

Karna’s mother wakes up seeing flowers on her feet & she understands & blesses him to become a winner in his goal.

Karna is moving up on the mountain crossing various ups & downs.

All students in drone’s gurukul have started their task of sea water to fill in their pots. All are running as fast as they can while arjun’s brothers are seeing Arjun running very fast & are feeling happy. Dushyashan stops one of pandav saying don’t try so much as gauravs are going to be the winners & yudhishtir searches here & there saying dooryodhan can’t be seen. They are all running while pandav brothers

are asking each other where is bhim so one of them say he is sleeping. Bhim gets up seeing food there & becomes happy saying it was good I did not go so that I can eat all these sweets of everybody’s alone. Bhim starts eating all the food kept & finishes.
Arjun is running very fast towards his task completion while ahyothama sees him & runs behind him too very fast.

Dooryodhan’s brother is asking him why we are here & how can we complete this task sitting here so he immediately says as not we but I will win so his brother says I know as you win we all will win but again he asks him why you left dushyasan & kept me waiting with you so he says yes because you do good massage. Dooryodhan sees Arjun coming with water & pouring in the pot & Arjun thinks nobody has come so my brothers can win also as I keep completing my pot filling & Arjun runs again. Dooryodhan comes from his hideout saying I will not allow you to win.

Arjun is running again to pick more water from sea while his brothers are seeing Arjun & are happy saying to see that because of Arjun we will win. Gauravas come to fill water in their pots while their brother dooryodhan calls them from behind & all are surprised as dushyshna asks how come you here so dooryodhan tells him & all his brothers to fill all the water in his pot & rest in ashyothama’s pot but dushyshan asks him why ashyothama’s so dooryodhan replies you proved you are a fool like my other brothers so he asks them can you tell me from us can anybody beat Arjun in bow & arrow so no says dushyshan so dooryodhan says ahshyothama can & he also hates Arjun how much I do so how you forgot I said that enemy’s enemy is our friend so dushyasan says yes now I understood that’s why you are favorite of shakuni mama & dooryodhan tells him to go & fill the pots now & he says yes. They start their process.

Arjun is again running with the water as ashyothama also does the same thing running with water very fast & as he reaches to fill his pot he sees some water already filled in so he says how come this happened which is impossible so dooryodhan comes from behind saying friendship has very big power which makes impossible task also possible. So he tells him divyastra is ours now but ashyothama says this is cheating & I cannot become part of this but dooryodhan is trying to divert his attention towards his father’s love against him instead Arjun. Dooryodhan tells him to lets go to guru for our task completion but ashyothama replies this win is not acceptable for me which is stood on lie so dooryodhan says then I too do not wish to fight against Arjun but he tells him that then Arjun will win & as he leaves ashyothama tells dooryodhan to stop.

Krishna says this is what happens when evil thinking comes & dooryodhan was doing the same thing as his evil thinking started from gurukul & ended in kurukshetra. Krishna says dooryodhan was using ashyothama for his selfish thoughts but they never knew they will be facing a big warrior.

Karna is climbing , jumping, crossing hurdles from the mountains towards his goal to reach lord parshuram. He reaches at such a point from where he sees lord’s image coming there.

Ashyothama tells dooryodhan i accept so lets start. Arjun is doing the task very professionally while others see him doing. Arjun fills his pot & gets happy. He runs to take his bow feeling very happy to go to guru but he sees dooryodhan & ashyothama with guru drone & he drops his bow seeing guru is giving them varunastra & he gets depressed while sits down. Guru sees Arjun & dooryodhan says sorry Arjun but you lost today as guru listens to him. Guru tells Arjun to not to feel depressed & try next time. Arjun is in his thoughts.

Krishna is explaining arjun’s difficulty about all this he is facing & faced earlier too about his birth also which was happened in jungles & not in any palace so his father also use to ignore him so he faces all this like a very simple person & fights all odds in front of him coming.

Guru drone is announcing winners of this task as dooryodhan & ashyothama & explains them the importance of varunastra in divyastra but bhim & all other pandavas are thinking this is impossible as arjun’s speed was very fast which was seen by everybody so how this happened? How can Arjun lose they think. Guru drone is also warning both of importance as well as wrong effects of varunastra so use it in proper way only. He is also telling other students to do more such struggle for achieving other divyastra’s too & he tells them to go to take rest now. Arjun is thinking where I was wrong?

Precap: All gauravas are praising dooryodhan by lifting him & enjoying his win. Dooryodhan tells all his brothers that I have earned divyastra but need to test how much strong it is & he shoots an arrow which blows fire on the sky.

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