Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krishna explaining sapta rishi’s the story of his devotees in which second one was Vishnu datt who use to be always in my devotion & use to give knowledge of devotion to all people & they use to praise him & they also use to discuss about providing bhog to parbhu Krishna while he tells them you must be believing in giving bhog to him but I feel to help needy by providing them the bhog in which my feeling is he gets happy. A villager tells him there is hari bhajan going to happen so to go there & he gets ready while his krishna’s other devotee raja padmasen does this by suing his wealth for all people.
Raja padmasen prays temple of prabhu Krishna putting his shringar on hsi statue & moves ahead for hari bhajan promising the statue of Krishna that i’ll hep all other’s too in that bhajan.
Vishnu datt too comes near the temple & wishes to provide bhog & he too prays his statue while changing his statue’s covering of swarna shringar which was done by raja but by putting with his tulsi shringar. Raja padamsen understands this & tells his guards to search that person who has changed my shringar. Raja talks with that devotee Vishnu datt & they argue on their each other’s shringar being applied on statue of prabhu so raja challenges him to let’s see whom prabhu blesses first with doing our devotion towards him in our way’s so vishnu datt explains him devotion is not a challenge then raja instigates him so Vishnu datt accepts his challenge telling him I do not know if he will bless me but for your wish I accept so raja starts his yagna for devotion. Vishnu datt makes Prasad to pray prabhu & starts his meditation while somebody steals his bhog & he becomes confused who is that who steals my bhog kept for my prabhu as I can’t see my prabhu empty stomach & always his bhog use to get stolen & he was thinking how to tackle this.
Krishna explains that because of this Vishnu datt always use to be in my devotion & never use to eat food as once his devotion was complete then he use to eat but his bhog use to get stolen.
Raja padmasen is doing yagna while a brahman comes to ask for food then maharaj tells him to wait as we are completing our yagna then only I can provide food to you so he waits.
Vishnu datt prepares bhog thinking now I’ll see how that person steals my prabhu’s bhog & also pleads his prabhu to forgive me as I wish to see who is he & I won’t leave him this way & as brahman comes to steal then he follows him & stops him. The brahman pleads him saying I am sorry to steal your food then he says that’s why I had kept this curd also which is with me & you cannot eat without this. Brahman understands & changes his form in prabu shri narayan & blesses him while he gets shocked & praises his prabhu so narayan blesses Vishnu datt telling him you are my ultimate devotee now.
Rishi’s asks Krishna then what happened of padamsen so he explains him because of his ego this had happened with him.
Padamsen asks prabhu why I can’t you come to bless me for which I did all kinds of yagna so I feel to sacrifice my life then Krishna comes to explain him & telling him I give you place in my vaikunth & he prays Krishna.
All rishi’s asks Krishna who is ultimate women in your eyes & he explains them there was one women devi anusaya.
Mahadev, brahmadev & Narayan in changed form come to test devi anusaya as she comes out from her hut & they ask her food to provide them so she tells them let me talk with my husband to bring materials & will prepare food for you all then mahadev keeps with her one point to accept food from only that person who provides us in naked form & she is shocked & confused.

Precap: All three devi mata’s of brahmadev, mahadev & Narayan come to devi anusaya in anger due to dev rishi had instigated them towards their god husbands.

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