Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krishna walking through dwarika watching all sleeping at night while dev rishi comes telling him that this dwarika will be pale without you so he explains him this is fate but will get wipe out & will become comfortable so dev rishi prays him.
As Krishna is walking near the gate then dwarika immerges telling him that without you I have no existence as the whole world knows so Krishna blesses her telling that your name will be joint with mine forever & she prays him.
Krishna is calling mayur raj as he comes so asks him what can I do for you then he gives him a work but he says I can’t do this then Krishna explains him this world is with me so you have to do this taking me into witness so mayur accepts & attacks bali so bali gets angry & attacks him with his arrows but mayur always saves himself flying & hiding & he says your eyes had such brightness that I’ll easily find you & mayur is instigating him from a hideout as bali thinks it’s mayur seeing light behind a tree & hits his arrow towards it but it hits krishna’s legs & brahmadev as well as dev rishi understands this while Krishna says now it’s time for me to leave this world.
Dev rishi is talking with brahmadev saying atlast the arrow has hit the end of existence of shri Krishna.
Mayur comes running seeing & shockingly finds prabhu krishna got hit & pleads Krishna while Krishna tells him it’s not your mistake but he pleads this is my biggest mistake of this world as he was following mayur then Krishna explains him that remember I had booned you that your arrow will end me so he remembers & tells Krishna to please take back that boon but Krishna says this can’t be done & bali goes to bring water for Krishna as he wished for water.
Krishna is praying all gods & goddesses thanking for giving me this life to help this whole world by spreading good deeds to learn for people from this. Earth goddess immerges to pray Krishna saying it was blessings for me to take you in my arms to rest & lead life in this world then Krishna too prays her & blesses her saying now my time has come for mahaprasthan.
Krishna is talking to his dead body praising you have given me all powers to lead this life comfortably & says death is ultimate of anybody & brahmadev tells prabhu to implement this in your thoughts too.
All villagers are crying as bali is telling all of them that our dwarkadhish prabhu shri Krishna is no more now & we have to accept this. Akroor is explaining bali & all of them that if at all Krishna is not near us then too he has not left us because he is in our thoughts & heart for whom we have to pray always but they say why can’t we see & hear his flute playing which we use to see always so they hear a sound & he tells them see hear the flute sound this means prabhu is somewhere near us & as they reach near a tree then they find kanha playing flute & kanha stops & sees them so asks why are you all crying then akroor say that for one time we thought we lost you then he explains them all that a body dies but not the soul & I’ll always be there at your all festival celebrations within you to bless you all till this nature is there & they feel comfortable so praise loudly saying “Shri Krishna Ki Jai”.
Rukmini tells krishna how nicely you explained them by making their all sorrows wipe out so he says I will be always there in their hearts till there is truth & religions on this pure earth.

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